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Is it Quality v. Quantity: What Should I Expect in a NP Contract?

By Jennifer Lankford, Labor and Employment Attorney

“Is it usual for my contract to be this short?”, “Are employment agreements normally this long?” I receive these types of questions often from nurse practitioners who are presented with an employment agreement. My answer, “It is the quality, not the quantity, of the agreement that matters.” Sometimes a short and sweet agreement is all that is needed. 

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How Life Coaching Helped Reset My Nurse Practitioner Career

By Guest Contributor Leondria Taty, MSN, FNP-C

A few years ago I hit a pretty rough patch in my Nurse Practitioner career. Being neither a new graduate nor a seasoned practitioner, I was having a hard time finding my seat at the table. My idyllic view of what it meant to be a NP was starting to get overshadowed by doubt regarding myself and the profession. These feelings progressively pulled me in a downward spiral of self-sabotaging beliefs. It was an awkward and frustrating space for me.

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