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How to Respond to a Nurse Practitioner Job Offer

Wrapping up interviews for nurse practitioner jobs can get a bit hairy. Perhaps you were expecting a more substantial salary that the prospective employer had in mind. Or, maybe you have interviewed for multiple positions and want to wait for other employers to have a chance to extend offers as well before accepting. In some cases, regardless of your other options, you might just need some time to think through the implications of accepting a particular position or discuss the job with family. 

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Enter to Win Our Nurses Week Giveaway!

This Nurses Week, you’ve hopefully received some kind of token of appreciation or recognition for all of the hard work that you do; be it a freebie, a personalized gift, or even just a simple “thank you” from a patient or colleague. Perhaps the extent of your celebration was treating yourself to a cookie from the break room, followed by a well-deserved glass of wine (or two) when you got home. We won’t judge how you celebrated, so long as you celebrated, because you deserve it! 

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Nurse Practitioners in Alabama: Practicing Their Rights

By Michael Rosen, ESQ, Co-Founder of ProviderTrust

Since it's National Nurses Week, we took a look at some obscure stories of how license verification can be a complicated process and stumbled upon this example from Alabama. A group of Alabama nurse practitioners sued the Alabama Nursing Board after the Board disciplined them due to some paperwork snafus. Although the nurses have taken action, for the time being, they still must disclose disciplinary action against their licenses on each application for employment.

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Nurses Week Gifts for the NP in Your Life

National Nurses Week is upon us and if you’re still scratching your head on how to show your appreciation for that special nurse in your life, the MidlevelU Team has got you covered. From personalized to practical, these gifts ideas are sure to reflect your recognition and be put to good use (no stereotypical key chains here).

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Free Eats and Treats for National Nurses Week!

Happy National Nurses Week! Throughout the week of May 6th - 12th, companies are showing their appreciation for the profession with discounts, deals and freebies just for nurses. Since we at MidlevelU consider ourselves to be quite the foodies, we’ve found which restaurants and food chains are dishing out freebies and deals on tasty treats and eats.

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8 Questions to Show Why You're Unhappy in Your NP Job

OK, I didn't mean to make it 'quit your job' theme week here on the MidlevelU blog. But, somehow multiple posts I've worked on recently seemed to center around the topic. Just to clear the air, I am currently satisfied at work. But, there have been plenty of occasions when I've called my career as a nurse practitioner into question, or dealt with job specific dissatisfaction-causing issue. 

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Do These 8 Things After Giving Your Two Weeks Notice

The Guide to a Graceful Exit for Nurse Practitioners 

Working up the nerve to give your two weeks notice to your employer can be downright stressful and intimidating. No doubt the days leading up to handing in your resignation have been filled with worry, anxiety, and fear of the unknown. But once you are able to work up the courage and deliver your notice, an unexplainable surge of excitement and adrenaline rush through your body as you waltz out of your boss’s office on cloud nine. 

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Bottoms Up! 8 Themed Cocktails for Nurses Week

It's officially National Nurses Week! How do you plan to celebrate? We figure the occasion is definitely an excuse for NPs to get together after work to share a cocktail and commemorate their accomplishments. To kick off this week's festivities, we've come up with a few nursing-appropriate concoctions. Gin and colonic, anyone?

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Do You Believe Your Nurse Practitioner Bonus Will Be Paid?

One perk employers may offer to nurse practitioners is a bonus in addition to a base salary. For some NPs a bonus is an extra but not a substantial part of the compensation package. For other nurse practitioners, bonuses can potentially amount to tens of thousands of dollars each year in addition to a base salary. Despite the potential for extra cash, many nurse practitioners are skeptical of such compensation structures. Do you believe your bonus will be paid?

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Pharmacogenetics: Have You Heard of This New Way to Prescribe?

Last month I chatted with Emily, a psychiatric nurse practitioner practicing in California. Emily has recently started a new job, and was excited to fill me in on the details of her position. One thing she loves about her new employer, is the integration of technology into the practice. The practice, for example, offers genetic testing to psychiatric patients, helping Emily select the most effective medication for each individual patient. Such testing falls under the realm of pharmacogenetics, the study of how an individual's genome affects his or her response to medications. 

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Here's Why It's Tough to Find a Nurse Practitioner Job in the South

Originally from the West Coast, I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I relocated south of the Mason Dixon line. There were certainly new foods to try- grits, okra and fried pickles to name a few. Country music, a staple in Tennessee, was one of my favorite discoveries as a result of my move. The charm of the south drew me in, from rolling green hills to hot and humid summers spent at the lake. Once I made my move, I never looked back. 

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Reentering the Nurse Practitioner Workforce in 8 Not-So-Easy Steps

I often talk to nurse practitioners who have taken a few years off from their NP careers. Most commonly, family priorities are the reason for the break from the workforce. Other times, a lengthy job search turned stagnant and led to a continuation of one's RN career. Whatever your reason for taking five from life as a nurse practitioner, it's not too late to reenter the NP workforce. Before you do so, careful planning is in order. These six steps should help. 

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