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5 Best Value Physician Assistant Programs

While enrolling in a PA program at a prestigious university may seem advantageous, it is not always the most financially feasible option, especially when factoring in the added cost of books, fees and other living expenses incurred in addition to tuition. Though aspiring PAs may feel that the more well-known and expensive the program, the better the education; as they say, bigger is not always better. Carefully researching and considering the tuition costs at other programs to see how they compare to pricier options can truly pay off in the long run both financially and educationally.

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How to Become an Integrative or Holistic Nurse Practitioner

I talk with a lot of nurse practitioners who've grown frustrated with the "pills, pills, pills" mindset of so many in our culture. Our patients are looking for a quick, easy fix to their health issues. But, exercise and diet of course are the best solution for health maintenance in most people. Getting back to the basics of a healthy lifestyle can prevent the requirement for treatments like surgeries and medications and leave our patients feeling far better than supplying a pharmacologic fix to their problems. 

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Can You Work as an NP Before Passing Your Certification Exam?

Once you've graduated from your nurse practitioner program, the wait to take your certification exam can present a significant delay for your job search. If you aren't yet certified, you can't start working, right? Fortunately, some states have recognized this inconvenient setback and provided new NP grads with a way to start their careers sooner. 

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How to Tell a Patient "I Don't Know"

How do you react when you don't know the answer to a patient's question? Does your face flush? Do you reply with an answer that doesn't directly address the question asked? Do you abruptly end the conversation? Experts say that the words "I don't know" might be some of the hardest to say, even more so than "I love you". Admitting uncertainty or lack of knowledge isn't easy - just ask children and Alzheimer's patients who confabulate rather an utter a simple "I'm not sure". As nurse practitioners, however, we inevitably find ourselves in situations where we don't have the answers. 

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5 Reasons Nurse Practitioners Get Fired (and How to Avoid Them)

Fortunately, most nurse practitioners don't need to think about getting the ax. Overall, we're a hard-working, devoted crowd that takes our jobs seriously. But, what if you and your employer don't see eye-to-eye about your performance? The truth is that  as at-will employees we can be fired at any time. If you're following through on your responsibilities as an NP, this doesn't usually happen. But, let's look at the reasons it could - and talk about how to avoid these pitfalls. 

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How Many Calories Do Nurse Practitioners Burn at Work?

Admittedly, I'm a little bit of a health nut. I eat more than my fair share of fruits and veggies. I jog religiously. But, when I get home from working an evening or night shift in the ER, I totally binge. My husband stares wide-eyed from his seat at the kitchen table where he sits sipping coffee as I storm through the door at 6am and down 3 chocolate chips without blinking as I tell him about my evening. 

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5 Pandora Stations for the Nurse Practitioner's Desk

Singing along not recommended

Recording patient encounter after patient encounter in my hospital's EMR system makes me want to gouge my eyes out. Listening to to sound of vomiting inevitably coming from a patient room located within earshot of my desk makes my lunch suddenly unappetizing. A good Pandora station, however is often enough to smooth over these inconveniences and annoyances in my day helping me maintain a positive mood despite life as a nurse practitioner's challenges. 

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Top 5 Most Expensive Physician Assistant Programs

For aspiring Physician Assistants who have already earned a bachelor’s degree, the next step is applying to a Master in Physician Assistant Studies Program at an accredited school. With hundreds of programs offered across the nation, choosing the program that’s right for you can be a tough decision. While factors such as location, pass rates and application requirements are a forethought in narrowing down the list of where to attend, tuition undoubtedly plays a very important role as well. We’ve sorted through the list to find the top five most expensive PA programs in the United States. 

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Graduating? NP Residencies Facilitate Transition to the Real World

As a new nurse practitioner graduate, my experience was pretty similar to many other NPs I talk with. I was fortunate that I found a job, but was quickly reminded that my experience was limited to that which I had obtained in my clinical rotations. 

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Top Ten Gifts for Nurse Practitioners

By Ariel Jacobs for Medelita

Whether its for a birthday, a holiday, or just a little something special to show someone that you care, here are some gift ideas for the nurse in your life! With gifts for every size budget, you will surely find something on this list that will put a smile on their face.

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7 Questions YOU Need to Ask in a Nurse Practitioner Job Interview

The last time I interviewed for a nurse practitioner position, I was hired on the spot. I recall I was asked just one or two questions, handed over my resume, and bam! I was hired. My rapid hiring surprised me given my lack of experience at the time. When I left the interview and recounted the story to family members working in the business world they found it highly amusing.

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Is It Ever OK for a Nurse Practitioner to Date a Patient?

Do you ever get hit on at work? Throughout my years as a nurse practitioner it has happened to me a time or two. Typically, the gesture comes in the form of an inappropriate comment which I choose to ignore or express distaste at depending on the situation. Once, a patient even went so far as to deliver a note asking me on a date to the front desk of the walk-in clinic where I was working at the time. Awkward.

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