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New Study Gives Props to NP and PA Professions

As a seasoned nurse practitioner, I'm pretty confident in my own abilities and in those of my NP and PA colleagues. Yes, there are some big educational differences between nurse practitioners, physician assistants and physicians, however in practice each of these types of professionals is highly effective in the clinical setting. Regardless, a constant friction between professional groups, particularly those for nurse practitioners and physicians, about the legitimacy of advanced practice professions wears on. 

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7 Must Have Tools for the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Working with kids can be difficult- you've got to win over their trust...and quickly. If not, lung sounds become nearly impossible to hear as they are overshadowed by by sobbing and ears unexaminable due to the thrashing of small heads. A smile, positive attitude and a joke or two are often enough to win over a cranky child. But, some fun, kid-friendly tools never hurt. 

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7 Ways to Cut the Cost of Your Nurse Practitioner Education

Prepared or not, your nurse practitioner education is going to cost you thousands of dollars. So, making decisions about how you plan to become an NP shouldn't be taken lightly. Putting some extra research and effort in on the front-end of your education could save you thousands of dollars of hard earned money later. Here are a few tips and tricks for managing the cost of your nurse practitioner education. 

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8 Signs You're Accepting the Wrong Nurse Practitioner Job

Sometimes in your nurse practitioner career you hit that point where you're desperate to accept a job. Maybe you're a new graduate and it seems that every employer in your area requires experience. So, you're willing to accept whatever position comes your way. Or, maybe you are currently working in a bad situation. Your desperation to leave has you willing to sign just about any employment agreement that lands on your desk. Before you compromise, think about your decision carefully. 

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