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How to Get Hired by a Practice That Doesn't Want New Grad NPs

Finding a job as a new grad nurse practitioner can be tough. You contact local practices and reach out to job postings only to hear that while your resume looks interesting, the company is only hiring experiences NPs. How are you supposed to get experience if no one will hire you? Not to mention, you're motivated to work hard and succeed so really the practice is missing out, right?

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Weekend Wrap Up 12.4.16

Does holiday party season seem to officially be in full swing for anyone else? With two Christmas parties and two birthday parties to attend, the weekend has flown by. I've already eaten my share of cake and chocolate for the season and December has just begun. What are you up to this weekend? If you could use some reading material for your downtime on this dreary Sunday afternoon, check out this week's more interesting medical news. 

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4 Things I Wish I Learned in My NP Clinical Rotations

Looking back on life as a nurse practitioner student from the perspective of a now experienced NP makes me wish I'd done a few things differently during my time in school. I'm not taking about major regrets here, but rather a few small adjustments that would have created a smoother transition to practice. The most crucial of these? Making the most of my clinical experience. 

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Legal Considerations: Prescribing Medications for Friends and Family

We've all gotten that text - the one where a family member lets you know their child is inconsolable, most certainly suffering from an ear infection. Or, maybe a friend lets you know they have spent the night sleeping on the bathroom floor, gut twisting with food poisoning. As nurse practitioners, the temptation to help out a friend or family member in these situations by calling in a prescription is strong. Surely prescribing an innocent antibiotic or antiemetic for an acquaintance isn't an issue, right?

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