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Chat it Up! Connect with NP & PA Colleagues on MidlevelU

I am super excited about two things this week. First of all, it's almost Friday. Yay. Second and most importantly, we've got a new feature to announce on MidlevelU. Some of you Type A's have already noticed that you can now create your very own profile and have taken advantage of doing so. For the rest of you, you're missing out, so it's time to get started. To give you an overview of this new feature, check out the following F.A.Q.

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Million Dollar Questions that Make Diagnosis and Treatment a Sinch

I've been a nurse practitioner for more than eight years now. My face has a few more wrinkles than when I began practicing, however time has brought a few positive changes to my nurse practitioner life. Fortunately, over the years, I have gained valuable practice experience. Unlike my new grad years, my work is not accompanied by a feeling of being utterly stressed out or overwhelmed. Rather, I feel quite comfortable interacting with patients (new grads, you'll get there, too!). 

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How Do You Overcome Lack of Experience in a NP Job Interview?

If you're on the hunt for your first nurse practitioner job, you may have run into some hurdles along the way. Maybe you've been lucky enough to get an interview, but things took a turn for the worse after meeting the prospective employer. Landing a nurse practitioner position without NP experience isn't easy. But, if you approach an interview the right way you just may find yourself hearing the words "you're hired!".

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4 Ways Your Boss is Measuring Your NP Performance

Ideally as a nurse practitioner, you’ll totally crush your job responsibilities. You will work quickly and efficiently pleasing revenue-focused administrators. Your patients will be satisfied, feeling you spent adequate time addressing their concerns. And, you will practice in total compliance with evidence-based practice guidelines as well as other standards tracked by entities like the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. 

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Why NPs Need to Antibiogramit!

Part of MidlevelU's residency-like program for NPs, which we fondly refer to as MMU, consists of weekly education sessions for newly minted nurse practitioners. I have the distinct pleasure of sitting in on these sessions, and learning from our weekly speakers. Although with eight years of experience, I am now comfortable in my practice, there's always more to learn. This past week, while listening to our speaker, I got a more in depth glance at the concept of an antibiogram and became convinced that implementing this tool into my practice would be a valuable move to make. 

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5 Not-So-Great Realities of Owning Your Own NP Practice

One of the benefits of working as a nurse practitioner is that in many states, NPs can own their own practices. Independent practice laws may mean that the nurse practitioner can own a clinic and work autonomously. Or, an NP owned practice may be operated under a supervisory agreement with a physician. In my earlier years as a nurse practitioner, like many new NPs, I thought this might be the path I would take with my own nurse practitioner career. Owning your own practice, however, may not be as ideal as it sounds. 

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Tis The Season? Severance Agreements for Nurse Practitioners

By Jennifer Lankford, Labor and Employment Attorney

Exiting a job, whether voluntary or involuntary, is rarely a pleasant experience. Change is hard, even when it is for the best. And, as if the holiday season were not busy enough, such employment changes often accompany the beginning of the New Year.

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The Nurse Practitioner Residency Buzz

If you're a soon-to-be NP grad, chances are, you're a little worried about the next steps in your career. Will you be able to find a job? And, more importantly, will the job be understanding of your level of experience as a new grad? Concerns about the amount of support you will have in your first NP position are warranted. Many practices aren't familiar with the learning curve that less experienced nurse practitioners face, and hold unrealistic expectations for these providers. 

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Which Type of Medical Malpractice Policy is Right for You?

Sorry folks, I didn't intend for this to turn into malpractice week here at MidlevelU.  Monday afternoon I plopped down in the chair on my front porch to enjoy the sunshine (finally) and hash out a short post on medical malpractice tail coverage (coming soon...).  As I began doing a little research for the post I discovered malpractice is not an easy topic to cover.  So, I stepped back to square one writing Medical Malpractice Insurance 101.

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How Accurate are Rapid Flu Tests?

Relying on the rapid influenza test may not be your best bet

For some, the holiday season brings the joy of cooler temperatures, peppermint mochas and kindling fires. But for nurse practitioners, the time of year also means the loom and doom of the dreaded influenza season.

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10 Highest Paying Cities for Physician Assistants

Physician assistant salaries are affected by a multitude of factors. Scope of practice regulations in the state where a PA practices may make the provider more or less valuable to an employer. Competition in the job market along with the level of the PA's experience heavily influences pay. Location, not only at the state level, but at the city level also makes an impact on physician assistant salaries. 

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Phone Interview Tips for Job-Seeking Nurse Practitioners

As a novice nurse practitioner, I once answered a phone interview call from my it went the car wash. Bad idea. I took maximizing my lunch break one step too far. Needless to say, I wasn't offered the position. Similarly, many nurse practitioners I talk to underestimate the importance of an initial phone interview. They approach the conversation more as an informational call rather than a crucial first step in the job interview process

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