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NP Program Accreditation Nightmares: Understanding Your School's Status

Can you imagine graduating from your nurse practitioner program only to learn that you are ineligible to practice as an NP as a result of your school's accreditation status? This happened to a group of adult-geriatric nurse practitioner students last year at Mount Mary College in South Dakota. 14 months later, AGNP students are still picking up the pieces of the school's blunder. 

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Real Alternatives to Opioids for Pain Management

By Healthcare Attorney Alex Scarbrough Fisher

Healthcare providers are aware of the current opioid epidemic in the United States, as well as the risks—both to the provider’s patients, and to the provider’s licensure—of prescribing opioids to patients for the management of chronic pain. So, what do we do about it? 

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10 Highest Paying Nurse Practitioner Specialties

With the ever increasing demand for healthcare, it’s no surprise that NPs are now sought after more than ever before. In addition to the job market and other factors such as location and experience level, specialty undoubtedly plays a huge role in determining salary for nurse practitioners. So which nurse practitioner specialties earn the most?

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A Quick Guide to Documenting a Cardiovascular Exam

Do you struggle with documentation as a nurse practitioner? Compiling your physical exam findings into a succinct statement or two isn't always easy. You must use language appropriate to the body system to convey your exam so that your notes make sense to other providers. You must also make sure to cover the components of each system relevant to the patient's presentation. If you're a nurse practitioner who could use a documentation brush up, check out this quick guide to documenting a cardiovascular exam. 

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Are You Worn Out, Stressed Out, or Burnt Out?

l'm officially declaring this nurse practitioner burnout week here at MidlevelU. I arrived home from working the overnight shift in the emergency department yesterday morning around 6:30am. I promptly declared to my husband that I was in no mood to talk about my day. I unpacked my work bag and headed to my bedroom only to find an "I love you" note from him resting on the pillow. Sigh. I immediately regretted the terse tone I took as I stormed into the house 5 minutes earlier. 

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The List of Physician Assistant Programs in the South...

...without a direct patient care requirement

Many aspiring physician assistants have backgrounds in healthcare. From EMTs to nurses, becoming a PA is a next step for many in the medical field. But, what if you want to become a physician assistant and lack significant healthcare experience? 

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6 Ways Nursing School is Just Life

By Justine Fischer, Nursing Student and MidlevelU Contributor

Nursing school can be a whirlwind. It's easy to get caught up in exams, papers, and clinicals. But, in many ways, nursing school is really just life life in general. If you can manage the ups and downs that life brings your way, then you can make it as a nursing student. As you brave the challenges and face the frustrations of being a nursing student, here are a few things to keep in mind to bring a little peace to your chaos. 

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5 DIY Halloween Costumes for Nurse Practitioners

You obviously can't show up for a Halloween party in your scrubs dressed as a 'doctor' or 'nurse' because that would be totally lame. And, let's be honest, your scrubs are probably contaminated with MRSA. I would also shy away from the sexy Ebola nurse costumes that flooded the Halloween market last year. If you are hoping to embrace your inner science nerd and medical know-how with your disguise this Halloween, check out the following DIY costume ideas.

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10 Strategies for Beating the Competition in Your NP Job Search

Competitive personality or not, if you're looking for a new nurse practitioner position, you're being matched up against other candidates for the opportunity. This competition may occur behind the closed doors of an HR office, competitors unaware, but there is still a game to be played. There are moves to be made and ultimately a prize to be had. What game-day strategies must nurse practitioners include in their job search and interview playbook to come out ahead?

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Top 10 Reasons the NP Licensing Process is the Absolute Worst

Is anyone out there frustrated with the nurse practitioner licensing process? The struggle is real for NPs seeking licensure across the country, particularly in states like California and Texas, notorious for their sluggish licensure speeds. In fact, the Board of Nursing in California is so inefficient that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger fired and replaced most of the California State Board of Nursing in 2009. Unfortunately, the clean up doesn't appear to have made a difference. 

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Documenting a Respiratory Exam - Just the Basics

A physical exam of the chest includes both the heart and lungs, which can each be quite complex in themselves. So, for our purposes, we'll break the exam and documentation of the chest down into its components. Continuing our MidlevelU series on documentation basics, today we'll look at how to document an exam of the respiratory system. 

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How to Make the EpiPen Affordable for Your Patients

In recent months, drug company Mylan increased the price for its EpiPen and EpiPen Jr. 2-Paks to $600 plus; an estimated 400% increase compared to its original cost of around $100 in 2007. The skyrocketed cost has sparked outrage amongst consumers. The controversy has even made its way up to Congress and continues to unfold weekly. In the midst of the EpiPen controversy, how can nurse practitioners make sure their patients can afford the life-saving drug?

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