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Live! Midlevels for the Medically Underserved Preview

A look at our nurse practitioner residency info session 

Are you stressed about what life will look like after you graduate from your nurse practitioner program? Where will you work? How well supported will the transition from education to practice be in your new job? What will you do when questions inevitably arise? If new grad concerns are keeping you up at night, Midlevels for the Medically Underserved (MMU) can help. 

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Pumpkin Carving 101 for Nurse Practitioners

My resolve to pass on the bowl full of Halloween candy sitting temptingly at the nurses' station during my overnight shift in the emergency department last night lasted all of about 10 minutes. Who can resist mini Twix at 3am...and Kit Kats...and M&Ms (because you're only going to eat half the bag to keep you awake on your early morning commute home)? 

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The Best States for Nurse Practitioners in 2016

There are a few states that stand out as the most favorable for nurse practitioners. Often, as a profession we focus our state rankings when it comes to nurse practitioner friendliness on scope of practice. We look at the ability for NPs to practice independently of physician oversight. But, what happens when we also take other factors that make a state a great place to live into consideration?

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Auscultate It! Super Quick Lung Sounds Tutorial

It's interesting how much you can learn with a review of the most basic skills. As nurse practitioners, many of us have been listening to lung sounds for years. But, when a reader asked me to post a refresher on auscultation, even as an experienced NP I came away with a few new interesting tidbits of information. So, whether you're new to the nurse practitioner profession, or you're a seasoned NP with years of experience, check out this super quick refresher on lung sounds. 

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Weekend Wrap Up 10.28.16

Happy Friday! How was your week? The past few days have coasted by, beautiful fall weather adding an element of contentment to the work week. My kitchen is overflowing with ingredients for baked goods I committed to prepare for an upcoming Halloween party. I'm currently regretting the moment I decided to peruse Pinterest for dessert ideas rather than simply purchase cupcakes from the grocery store. Oh well. I may not have a costume, but I will certainly have candy. What are you up to this weekend?

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Opening a MedSpa? What Nurse Practitioners Need to Know

A nurse practitioner reader recently posted a comment on MidlevelU related to MedSpas and delegating to aestheticians. The question is a good one. A number of entrepreneurial nurse practitioners are going the MedSpa route, opening practices catering to cosmetic procedures. In many states, nurse practitioners are able to start such businesses independently, taking advantage of favorable state scope of practice laws. If you're interested in opening a MedSpa as a nurse practitioner, what legal regulations do you need to consider?

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9 Key Things NPs Must Know About an Employer Before Signing On

Doing your due diligence

One lesson I've learned as a nurse practitioner is that making assumptions about what employment at hospitals and clinics will be like is a major mistake. Like many NPs, when looking for a job in the past, I've neglected to assess key aspects of my potential employers. Your nurse practitioner job search should include research and questions about much more than compensation, schedule, and benefits

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5 Lowest Paying Nurse Practitioner Specialties

Last week, we looked at the top ten highest paying nurse practitioner specialties; but which specialties are on the low end of the salary totem pole? While location and experience undoubtedly affect how much NPs can expect to make, there are a few specialties that seem to mean lower pay. Which nurse practitioner specialties earn the least? 

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We Can't Stop Using These 3 Lab Interpretation Apps

As a new nurse practitioner, one of my clinical areas of weakness was that of ordering and interpreting labs tests. Matching a patient's clinical presentation up with the required diagnostic studies wasn't easy. Ordering unnecessary labs meant increasing costs for my patient. Omitting helpful lab studies could lead to a missed diagnosis or misdiagnosis. Furthermore, once the labs were complete, what was the significance of abnormal results?

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9 Cheap Ways to Make Your Workspace Less Depressing

One of my main beefs with my workspace as a nurse practitioner is that there are no windows. Understandably so, as most of my patients are wearing backless gowns, but the lack of daylight can be a little depressing. Or, sometimes, a lot depressing. Not to mention, the hospital and clinic scene can be pretty bland, commonly decorated in an array of muted 90's-esque pastel tones. It's safe to say, my surroundings affect my mood. And, a workspace touch up could definitely benefit my day-to-day. 

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The Dirty Dozen: Lowest Paying States for Nurse Practitioners

When you're looking for a nurse practitioner job or evaluating a potential career change or advancement, salary is a major piece of the equation. If you are relocating for a position, will your move have a positive or negative impact on your earning potential? Does going back to school to become a nurse practitioner make financial sense for you?

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4 Best Sites for Keeping Up With Healthcare Legislation

It's easy to greet the thought of keeping up with political and legislative agendas in healthcare with a big yawn. Or, to shy away from diving into the controversy of the current election. After a long work week, the last thing nurse practitioners have the energy for is perusing articles discussing the latest CMS reimbursement policies, HIPAA updates and healthcare reform implications. But, with every aspect of patient care so highly regulated, nurse practitioners are wise to stay in the know when it comes to health policy. How can you keep informed?

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