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Most Affordable Online Family Nurse Practitioner Programs

Furthering your nursing education to become a nurse practitioner is no easy task. How will you finance your education? Will coursework fit into your family's schedule? Fortunately, for aspiring NPs, online nurse practitioner programs can be the answer to the logistical challenges of the nurse practitioner education. Online programs offer students greater flexibility than their bricks and mortar counterparts. As an added bonus, many online nurse practitioner programs are also more affordable than those with a traditional classroom component. Which online FNP programs come with the lowest price tag? 

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The Nurse Practitioner's Guide to Zika in the U.S.

Now that the Zika virus has reared its ugly head here in the United States with cases of local transmission reported in Florida, nurse practitioners must be even more aware of how to treat patients with possible exposure to the virus. This is especially important for NPs caring for pregnant women, and women of childbearing age, as the virus can have devastating effects in pregnancy. What are the latest guidelines in patient care now that Zika transmission has occurred on U.S. soil?

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Nurse Practitioner Trends: How is the Average NP Changing?

Earlier this week, we published a post on the blog showing trends among physician assistants and the PA profession. The post gave a quick look at what the average PA looks like, as well as showed how physician assistant salaries have changed over the past few years. One reader asked that we do the same for nurse practitioners. As requested, here's a peek at similar stats for NPs. 

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Weekend Wrap Up 8.5.16

Happy Friday! After a (working) family vacation to the lake this week, I'm feeling refreshed and ready to tackle some big projects on Monday. But, until then, I plan to continue to maximize time to relax and enjoy the outdoors. What do you have planned for the weekend? If you could use some reading material over the next few days, check out this week's more interesting medical news. 

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Physician Assistant Trends: How Is the Average PA Changing?

Healthcare is constantly changing, and with it the professions that make up the industry. Overall, the nurse practitioner and physician assistant professions have enjoyed forward momentum in recent years. The cost effectiveness of care NPs and PAs provide, has people taking note. As scope of practice for NPs and PAs increases, so do salaries in these professions. Just how much has the average physician assistant changed in recent years?

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The 2017 MMU Application is Here!

Join the Residency-Like Program for Nurse Practitioners

For me, the most frustrating thing about life as a new graduate nurse practitioner was my first year of practice. My initial months working post-graduation were fraught with stress and worry. I felt that I was performing poorly at work due to my inexperience. While my nurse practitioner program prepared me for practice, real-life clinical scenarios proved much more challenging than anticipated. 

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Oxycontin’s 12-Hour Problem: What NPs Need to Know about Prescribing

The L.A. Times Investigation 

By Healthcare Attorney Alex Scarbrough Fisher

Earlier this summer, the L.A. Times reported on its investigation into Oxycontin, and the results aren’t pretty: the Times found that Oxycontin’s main selling point, that it lasts for 12 hours, is not supported by clinical research. 

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10 Tips for Surviving a String of Night Shifts

I'm fortunate that, as a nurse practitioner, my employer allows me to split night, evening, and day shifts. Switching sleep schedules isn't easy, but it's better than constant sleep deprivation. My friends always tell me that having a baby will be easy for me as I am "used to not sleeping". I sometimes think I would crush Navy Seal training, as I am accustomed to overnight physical activity, getting a few hours of sleep, and repeating several days in a row. While neither is probably the case, working the night shift is not for the whiners. 

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Bling Out Your Boo Boos with these Novelty Bandages

Wearing a band aid is pretty much a major drag. The adhesive attracts ick around the edges, not to mention the bandage is usually hiding a pretty nasty scratch or scrape for which you have received much too little sympathy. Attempts to match various skin tones have helped the problem of unsightly bandages, but they still leave much to be desired. So, why not take full advantage of your next injury and have a little fun?

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The 411 on Nurse Practitioner Prescribing

Prescribing is a core component of life as a nurse practitioner. While we advocate for lifestyle change and encourage alternate therapies, sometimes medication is the answer for our patients. Prescribing as a nurse practitioner can be a complex matter. Laws related to NPs and prescribing vary state to state. Some require a collaborative agreement with a physician, while others allow for independence. Even in states where nurse practitioners enjoy a greater scope of practice, state and federal guidelines still apply. What do nurse practitioners need to know when it comes to prescribing?

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