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'Dear Abby' Disses Physician Assistants

The 'Dear Abby' column is well known and loved for dishing out matronly advice on issues from household problems to relationship strife. Columns like "Neighbor's Baby Cries Constantly", and "Old Friend's Schedule Leaves No Time to Catch Up" are bound to stir up a few sensitive souls, but are overall neutral in tone. This week, however, 'Abby' has stepped on the toes of one sector of the healthcare community and is feeling the aftereffects of her comments about physician assistants. 

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Laceration Repair Round Up: Best Posts for Learning to Suture

Mastering procedures was one of the more difficult parts of life as a new grad nurse practitioner. Procedures take practice. Not to mention, there are additional factors to consider compared with less involved patient interactions. The risk of complications, for example, is much higher with procedures. So, these interventions must be approached with careful consideration. If you could use a brush up on your laceration repair skills, the following blog posts will help. 

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The Clinical Hack Link Pack

One of the things I like most about my job as a nurse practitioner is continuing to learn. Given that I am a more experienced NP at this point, it seems that my life in the emergency department has become more routine, with significantly less day to day learning. While it's comfortable to be confident in my skills, and capable of caring for higher acuity patients, I still relish 'aha!' moments. If you're in the market for learning a few new clinical tips, tricks, and pearls, check out the following clinical hack link pack for our favorites. 

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A Nursing Student's Advice on the First Day of Clinicals

By Justine Fischer, Nursing Student and MidlevelU Contributor

We asked MidlevelU contributor and nursing student, Justine Fisher, to share her first day of clinicals as a BSN student with us. Here's a peek at her experience and resulting advice for other nursing students embarking on the clinical experience. 

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What Kinds of Financial Aid are Available to Nurse Practitioner Students?

If you are considering going back to school to advance your nursing education, the decision will be costly. While a graduate degree will allow to you become a nurse practitioner substantially increasing your earning potential, nurse practitioner programs can be expensive. Financial aid should be an important consideration in your decision-making process. 

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This TED Talk Will Change How You Treat Chronic Pain Patients

Pain management has taken center stage as a hot topic in medicine recently. With prescribing of opioids at an all time high, we've seen an increase in deaths related to overdose as well as a spike in the number of patients addicted to these medications. As nurse practitioners, we struggle with the prescribing of pain medications as we treat our patients. Pain is real, and part of our responsibility as healthcare providers is to alleviate it. On the other hand, we must do so in a manner that mitigates the negative side effects and consequences of providing these drugs

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Happy 4th! The Nurse Practitioner Patriotic Link Pack

Happy Independence Day! It is officially my favorite holiday weekend. The 4th captures the quintessential American spirit, and I love the chance to appreciate our country. Not to mention, I can't wait for three days spent lounging poolside, eating every red, white, and blue food item in sight. My husband and I are entertaining friends this weekend and plan to grill, grill, grill...and light a few sparklers. What do you have planned for the holiday?

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Hilarious Nursing Instagram Feeds You've Got to Follow

Instagram has become my go-to social media platform these days. It reads more like a lifestyle magazine with a cleaner look than Facebook and Twitter. Scrolling through photos rather than reading posts is more my speed when I have the downtime to peruse apps. While I try to keep my Insta feed pretty lighthearted (i.e. not work related) by following friends, family, and my favorite food bloggers, there are a few nursing feeds I have allowed into my mix. If you're looking for some healthcare related laughs, check out these hilarious nurses on Instagram. 

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