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Weekend Wrap Up 6.17.16

Happy Friday, folks! This week sure has whizzed by. I have to say, after a few out of town stints, it has been nice to have a full work week back at home and feel a semblance of routine returning. This weekend I plan to take on a few house projects. I'm most excited to see how my bathroom paint job turns out, and least looking forward to cleaning out the garage. What's on your agenda for the next few days?

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Finding Mid-Career Inspiration as a Nurse Practitioner

I must be in a mushy mood of some sort, because all I can think to write about today is the 'softer' side of the nurse practitioner career. I haven't had a bad day in the emergency department recently, nor am I feeling burnt out in general. Everything is just fine. And, maybe that's my non-problem.

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Nurse Practitioners: Could Your Workspace Use an Overhaul?

Recently, I hired an interior designer to help decorate my living room. Eight years into the workforce, the grad school couch that was chronically spilling it's foam stuffing in clumps onto the floor had gotten the best of me. I avoided spending time in my living room as the space stressed me out rather than helped me kick back and relax with my feet up on the coffee table. While my decision to go full bore with living room decor seemed a bit extravagant, it was totally worth it. 

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Non-Solicitation Clause: Is One Hiding in Your NP Employment Agreement?

I’ve mentioned before, that thinking through how your nurse practitioner job will end is perhaps even more important than negotiating how it will begin. As you review any employment agreement, it’s imperative that you consider the implications of restrictive covenants like non-compete clauses. Such terms limit how and where you can practice when you leave the employer in question. 

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200 Action Words That Will Make Your Nurse Practitioner Resume Shine

We get a lot of requests for resume help from nurse practitioners here at MidlevelU. Many of these requests involve questions about how to describe prior employment, experiences, and achievements on a resume. Just how much detail should nurse practitioners include? How should such descriptions be worded?

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We're Going Crazy for Summertime Clogs

It's hot here in Tennessee this week. And I mean hot. As a result of the toasty temperatures, I dread putting on my hospital garb as I walk out the door for an emergency department shift. Donning full-on clogs just seems so much less appealing than flip flops when it's nearly 100 degrees outside. Such is the life of a hospital employee. While I may not be able to sport open-toed shoes as a nurse practitioner, there are several fun clog offerings out there to ring in summertime. 

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Obtaining a California Nurse Practitioner License in 8 Painful Steps

As the kickoff to Midlevels for the Medically Underserved nears, our participating nurse practitioners are facing the NP certification and licensure process. If you're a new grad nurse practitioner, you're likely in a similar place. Approaching the process in an efficient, organized manner ensures you keep your job search and start date on track. A lack of understanding of the licensure process for nurse practitioners wastes precious time. 

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Prescribing Controlled Substances: The Course for NPs & PAs

Protect your license, prescribe appropriately

Prescribing controlled substances as nurse practitioners and physician assistants is challenging. Medications for treatment of pain and anxiety, to name a few, are often the key to helping patients find the much needed relief they deserve. However, given the addictive nature of most controlled substances, these drugs are widely sought after and highly regulated. At times, prescribing controlled substances can feel like a morally or professionally compromising situation. 

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These 9 Audio CME Resources Will Change Your Commute

How's your stockpile of continuing education credits looking? As nurse practitioners, we must complete a certain number of hours of continuing education in order to comply with licensure and certification requirements. Fitting these hours in around work and other commitments can be difficult. So, why not complete them during your commute?

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3 Answers to "How Much Do You Want to Make?"

Talking about money is super awkward. This can be especially true in a job interview setting. You don't want to lose the position by seeming greedy or outlandish, On the other hand, you certainly don't want to sell yourself short with too safe a reply when you're asked "How much do you want to make?". Many employers compensate nurse practitioners a set salary or hourly rate across the board eliminating this awkwardness. Others embrace the negotiation process. If you're in the market for a new nurse practitioner position, it's time to sharpen your interview tactics

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The ABCDEFGHI's of Chest X-Ray Interpretation

Do you really know how to read a chest X-ray? It's important that as nurse practitioners and physician assistants we can scrutinize the quality of chest X-rays an have the skills to interpret this important diagnostic tool. With so many crucial body systems encompassed in one test it's necessary to have a systematic method for approaching chest X-ray interpretation. Fortunately, simply following the first few letters of the alphabet can help.

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Inspiration from a Nursing Graduate to Every Nursing Student

By Olivia DeFilippo, RN and MidlevelU Contributor

They often say that nursing school is one of the hardest things you will ever do. I remember sitting there, terrified, while my teachers told me this on the first day. I looked around the lecture hall thinking “what in the world am I getting myself into?”.

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