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How Nurse Practitioners Can Get Free OTC Drugs(!)

There's just something great about free samples. No matter how much money you earn, or how little you need the item, getting something for nothing puts a smile on our faces. Personally, I love it when department stores allow for selection of a few cosmetic samples at checkout. I never follow up and purchase the costly lotions and fragrances, but relish testing them out when they arrive in my mailbox. So, you can imagine my delight when I discovered that drug companies have similar perks for nurse practitioners. 

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4 Valuable Lessons Learned by Working in a Nurse Practitioner Job You Hate

Have you ever worked as a nurse practitioner in a position that, let's say, 'built character'? I'll be honest. Having a professional career isn't always the ladder-climbing dream many people make it out to be. Medical practices and hospitals are often mismanaged. Coworkers are annoying. And, well, maybe you just aren't a great fit for the specialty where you've established yourself as an NP. If your collaborating physician is a total jerk, your practice is falling apart at the seams, or you just can't face writing another unnecessary prescription for a Z-Pack, take five before you throw in the towel. Your not-so-ideal job may be totally worth it. 

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A Simple Strategy for Breaking Out Of Work-Life Balance Frustration

My life as a nurse practitioner can get a little bit crazy sometimes. Balancing a schedule packed with working odd hours in the emergency department, a sig-o, friendships, family members, sleep, household responsibilities, etc., etc. is a constant battle. You've been there. 

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Fall CME Conferences for Outdoor-Loving Nurse Practitioners

Are you itching to get outdoors this summer? Last night in the emergency department, I was talking with a fellow nurse practitioner about a vacation she is taking next month. Her trip is a sort of wilderness tour, hitting up Montana, Wyoming, and Canada for hiking, biking, kayaking, and an array of other activities for the outdoor enthusiast. While I do enjoy staying in a luxury hotel, or posting up in a beach cabana, I've been itching to get a taste of nature lately. Her trip got my vacation planning wheels spinning. Could a fall outdoor adventure be in the cards for me?

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What Studying For and Taking the ACLS Exam is Really Like

By Ashley Prince, Nursing Student and MidlevelU Contributor

As a nursing student, I recently had to take an ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) course which proved to be a learning experience. The ACLS certification exam was a whole other challenge. While the material was overwhelming, I also realized it is essential to prepare me for my future role. Even though epi is usually the answer in an ACLS situation, I can't really rely on that, right? Sliding by without an understanding of the content could leave me in a precarious position as a nurse, unprepared to handle critical situations. So, I dove in. Here's a look at my experience. 

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The Inside Scoop on Financial Aid for NP Students

I'm certainly not an accountant, but I'm not bad with numbers either. I can plan and maintain a budget (unless I find myself at Nordstrom...), and make appropriate decisions regarding my finances. Despite my personal financial know-how, reviewing financial aid options for nurse practitioner students makes me cringe. 

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Is Administering Chemotherapy Putting Nurses at Risk?

By Ariel Jacoby from Medelita

Nurses are attempting to save the lives of cancer patients when administering chemotherapy drugs, but how how do these treatments affect the nurses administering treatment? A study from 2011 found that nearly 17% of nurses were unintentionally exposed to toxic chemotherapy drugs through skin or eye contact while working in an outpatient facility.

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Weekend Wrap Up 6.22.16

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? I'm headed out of town, hitting up Chicago with friends. It's been years since my last trip to the Windy City, and I'm excited to experience Chicago's restaurant scene, beach, and shopping on famous Michigan AVE again. The getaway will be the perfect mix of sightseeing and relaxation. If you're looking for some reading material to fill in the gaps this weekend, check out the following medical news stories. 

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7 Tips to Save Nurse Practitioners From Interpretation Disaster

Patient speaks. Interpreter speaks. Nurse practitioner speaks. Interpreter speaks. Repeat. The process of providing patient care through an interpreter seems simple enough, right? A closer look at the data, however, shows that this approach often leaves patients in the dark and providers exposed to malpractice liability.

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Yes, You are Really Making a Difference for Your Patients

I entered the nurse practitioner profession in the primary care setting. As idealistic as they come, at least in regards to my profession, I was ready to jump in and make changes in my patient's lives. I approached health coaching with enthusiasm, helping patients see where their diets were off track, sharing smoking cessation techniques, and recommending regular exercise. I applauded reported lifestyle improvements. In the face of pressures to see more patients and generate higher revenues, health coaching wasn't always easy to fit into appointments, but I put a lot of time and energy into the effort. Until I began to lose steam, that is. 

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7 Outstanding FNP Programs in the Southern States

If you'd talked to me when I was applying to nurse practitioner programs, there's no way I would have ever thought I would stay in Tennessee following my time at Vanderbilt University. However, the South wooed me with its charm, Nashville truly a gem nestled in the middle of Tennessee's rolling hills. I have grown to love the South, its rich history paired with upcoming hotspots. If you could see yourself spending some time in the southern states for your education, consider these outstanding family nurse practitioner programs. 

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Tricks of the Trade: Epistaxis Management

Raise your hand if you hate treating nose bleeds! Whenever I see 'epistaxis' pop up as a chief complaint on my computer in the emergency department, I head straight for the restroom...maybe by the time I return, another provider will have picked up the chart... Some nose bleeds resolve quickly with just a few sprays of Afrin, but those that don't can be tricky to treat. Not to mention, patients generally don't appreciate having tampon-like devices shoved up their nares. Here are a few tips and tricks for treating epistaxis in your practice.

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