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Weekend Wrap Up 4.29.16

Yay for Friday! I can't tell you how excited I am about this weekend. The sun is out, the temperature is perfect, my lawn is freshly mowed, and this outdoor-loving girl is happy. It's County Music Marathon weekend here in Nashville, TN. This year rather than running the race myself, I will be standing street side cheering on friends, mimosa in hand. It doesn't get better than (almost) summer weather and hometown weekend events. Looking for something to get you through to the weekend? Check out this week's medical news on the lighter side. 

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Tips for an Epic Nurse Practitioner Graduation Celebration

When I think about university graduations, I think about, well, sweating. Living in the south, graduation season can be quite warm, especially when seated in the full-on sun wearing a giant black robe. I can't say I look forward to graduation ceremonies themselves, but the significance is certainly worth braving well-intentioned outdoor events. Just bring extra deodorant if you live near the Mason-Dixon line.

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You're Back in the Nurse Practitioner Workforce, Now What?

Earlier this week, I talked the 8 not-so-easy steps to reentering the nurse practitioner workforce. Today, let's look at what happens once you do land the job leading you back to your nurse practitioner career. Returning to work after a lengthy break isn't easy in any profession, particularly in one requiring specialized skills and knowledge such as that of a nurse practitioner. Not only will you need to adjust professionally as you go back to work, your personal life will also need to adapt to your newfound employment. 

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A Crash Course on Love Languages + Nursing

By Justine Fischer, Nursing Student and MidlevelU Contributor

What makes you feel loved? Maybe it's a kiss from your dog, hearing someone say you're intelligent, a big bear hug, or when you come home to the dishwasher having been run. Everyone has their own ideas about what actions, behaviors, or words make them feel warm and fuzzy inside. Now buckle up for your crash course on love.

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How One Psych Nurse Practitioner Landed Her Career

Having worked in primary care, the emergency department, and retail health, I have varied clinical experience as a family use practitioner. One area my career has yet to give me a glimpse into is that of psychiatry. Psychiatric nurse practitioners are in high demand, and have a wide variety of option when it comes to their careers. To get a better idea of what the education and career path looks like for psychiatric NPs, I decided to go straight to the source. 

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Weekend Wrap Up 4.22.16

Happy Friday! This has been quite a productive week over here at MidlevelU HQ. Interview season for Midlevels for the Medically Underserved applicants is in full swing, not to mention we released our first ever app this week. Phew! We hope you are loving the convenience of the MidlevelU app (don't forget to enter the scrubs giveaway) and look forward to your feedback. To wind down the work week, check out this week's latest medical news. 

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The Senioritis Care Plan for Nursing Students

By Ashley Prince, Nursing Student and MidlevelU Contributor

Spring has finally arrived! The weather is warming up, legs are getting shaved again, and graduation dates are fast approaching. Except for mine. And probably yours too, since many ABSN, PA, NP and other MSN programs work throughout the summer. This can be a huge bummer when everyone is finishing up finals, but our summers are going to be filled with 12 hour clinicals, preceptorships, NCLEX review courses, and zero time to work on that tan. 

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The Midwest's Best Family Nurse Practitioner Programs

My sister-in-law hails from Ohio and is full of Midwestern pride. For Christmas this year, I gave her a book titled The Midwest: God's Gift to Planet Earth, which she opened with a beaming smile. Born on the West Coast, I always assumed that my own region had its fair share of perks to offer. I mean, we have a coastline and that beats corn fields, right? Wrong - if you're talking to a Midwesterner. Nurse practitioner students I talk with in the Midwest prefer to find jobs in the area, staying true to their roots in the region. So, in the spirit of Midwest pride, here's a look at the Midwest's top nurse practitioner programs. 

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How to Narrow Down Your Nurse Practitioner School Options

Over the next few weeks here on MidlevelU, we'll be looking at nurse practitioner programs across the country sharing our picks for the best schools region by region. Before we dive into these NP program rankings, it's important for aspiring NPS to understand how we arrived at our top picks. 

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We've Got an iPhone App + Giveaway!

I mentioned that I traveled to Jaipur, India last month to visit MidlevelU's tech team. Unfortunately, my nurse practitioner education left me deficient when it comes to computer know-how, so MidlevelU's overseas team handles all things IT. This year, between a tiger safari, eating copious amounts of chicken tikka, and a friendly cricket match, MidlevelU's tech team and I found time to work on a special new project (OK, they did almost all of the work...). Yes, that's right, MidlevelU has an app!

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Do You Write Prescriptions for OTC Medications?

One thing I've always struggled with as a nurse practitioner is the balance between enabling patients to continue poor lifestyle habits, and giving them the resources they need to keep their bodies healthy. Let me explain. When I worked in primary care, for example, some patients asked for a quick fix for diseases like hyperlipidemia. Was putting these patients on medication to lower LDL levels robbing them of the motivation they might need to exercise and make better dietary choices? Or, were meds really the only option to keep the patient as heart healthy as possible?

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My Day Job Shadowing a Physician Assistant

By Meghan Kayan , MidlevelU Contributor and Future Physician Assistant

There are a vast amount of professions you can go into when entering the medical world. For those who don’t already have their foot in the door towards a medical career, deciding which specific career is a match for you can be a hard choice. Knowing the difference between the responsibilities of a nurse, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or any other healthcare professional may become confusing. 

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