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PA vs. MD Salaries: State-by-State Comparison

It's well known that physicians earn significantly more than physician assistants. But, how much more? Several factors come into play in comparing salaries of healthcare providers. Location and specialty are primary influencers. Comparing PA and MD salaries on a state-by-state basis gives a more in-depth picture of differences in compensation between the two professions. Remember, physician assistant scope of practice regulations also affect PA salaries and may account for variations across state lines.

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Weekend Wrap Up 1.29.16

Happy (almost) weekend! It's Friday afternoon, the sun is out, and in exactly 4 hours I will be seated at a new local restaurant sampling apps and perhaps enjoying a cocktail (or two). I'm definitely getting some solid weekend vibes here at MidlevelU HQ. What are you up to this weekend? If you could use some reading material to make it through the rest of your Friday, check out this week's more interesting medical news. 

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New NP Residency: How Is the Program Structured?

If you aren't yet familiar with Midlevels for the Medically Underserved (MMU), the program is MidlevelU's answer to helping facilitate nurse practitioner's transition from education to practice. MMU not only benefits NPs, medically underserved patients receive care from participating NPs helping out with the need for healthcare facing so many in our country. We're loving reviewing your MMU applications, so keep 'em coming! 

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Timeline for Applying to Nurse Practitioner School

By Shabnam Sabur, MidlevelU Contributor

When I was applying for nurse practitioner school I remember thinking I had plenty of time for writing essays, taking the GRE, and getting my letters of recommendation, but before I knew it applications were due. While I firmly believe I perform better under pressure, I wish I had allotted more time to figuring out a plan to minimize my own stress. I can tell you from experience that there’s plenty of time for that in grad school!

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Nurse Practitioner Job Blast: Specialty Blend

The holiday season has been over for nearly a month now. My home, however still contains traces of Christmas and the New Year. Most notably, my pantry is cluttered with left over packaged treats and beverage mixes like specialty cinnamon coffee and over-priced hot cocoa. While the OCD part of me would like to clear all reminder of last month's festivities for the sake of organization, I am still quite enjoying taste testing my variety of specialty coffee blends. 

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Pitfalls in Practice: Judging Patients by the Cover

The other day at work, I noticed a colleague immediately discount a patient's request for pain medication. The patient was a frequent visitor to the emergency department and chronic pain patient. While the patient certainly was prescribed a significant number of narcotics, a look back at her medical history would have justified such behavior. However, she was waived aside to the waiting room, discounted as a malingerer and a 'frequent flier'

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Education Options for Second Career Nurse Practitioners

Non-nurses launching second careers as nurse practitioners have a few options when it comes to their education. Navigating these paths can be confusing. You may already hold a bachelor's degree in a non-nursing field and wish to avoid retaking previous courses. You may have budgetary constraints to consider in making your professional transition. With several different nursing degrees on the academic market, which is right for you? 

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Storytelling: Is Sharing a More Effective Health Coaching Method?

I joined a small business group a few weeks ago. In an effort to network and connect with my community, I thought it would be a good move. I had heard great things from friends who are also involved and decided to take the plunge. The group's appeal is that it offers support for professionals in a unique way. Members are prohibited from telling others how to overcome challenges, but must share related personal experiences. The group learns from the stories of members rather than engaging in a 'should, would, could' conversation. 

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Thinking Through a Second Career as a Nurse Practitioner

My nurse practitioner program consisted of a clinically diverse group of students. Former engineers, accountants, and teachers all converged in nursing school with the goal of achieving a radical career transition. For a variety of reasons, these individuals were unsatisfied professionally and sought a career satisfaction in the world of nursing. Uprooting your life to go back to school and pursue an unrelated profession isn't easy. Here are a few things you need to consider before launching into a second career as a nurse practitioner. 

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Don't Lose Your Job, Too: The NP Disciplinary Process and Your Employer

Very few nurse practitioners face disciplinary action from a state board of nursing, but for those who do, the implications can be serious. From losing face professionally to losing a job or even a license to practice, the consequences of noncompliance with professional, prescribing, or scope of practice guidelines are career changing. They way NPs handle an allegation or investigation into their practice often dictates the outcome. 

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Weekend Wrap Up 1.22.16

Happy Friday, friends! I was scheduled to be on a flight heading to NYC at this hour for some weekend fun and an early morning visit to the Fox News studio. Disappointingly, I won't be joining the Fox and Friends team. Blizzard warnings on the East Coast and a rare, heavy snowfall in the South have left me stranded at home. I suppose an unexpected lazy snow day isn't the worst thing that could happen. One batch of cookies and a few cups of coffee later, I am finally motivated enough to get to work. 

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Accelerated BSN Programs: What You Need To Know

By Ashley Prince, Nursing Student and MidlevelU Contributor 

It hit me recently that this time last year, I preparing for my admissions interview with Baldwin Wallace’s ABSN program. While the application process did not bring back many fond memories (can you say personal statements?) it did get me thinking of all the things that I wish I knew before I signed up. 

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