ACEP 2013 Recap

I have finally arrived home from a wonderful week in Seattle, Washington attending ACEP 2013.  There's nothing quite like learning at a conferenced packed with more than 6,000 emergency physicians from around the globe.

In the past I have tended toward registering for conferences that are more vacation than education.  But, attending ACEP, a meeting focused exclusively on education, turned out to be a rewarding choice.

Each morning in Seattle, I woke up to a little room service (omlet anyone?) and planned my morning.  Which courses should I attend? My top choices included courses in dental emergencies, opthalmology and cardiology, areas where I felt I needed the most brushing up.

While I was familiar with most of the content presented in lectures, I came away learning at least one knew tip or trick from each course.  My slit lamp operating skills have certainly improved as has my knowledge of managing hypertensive emergencies.  

Aside from improving my medical knowledge, it was refreshing to be with so many other emergency medical professionals.  We understand each other's crazy lifestyle- none of us have had 5 consecutive nights of quality sleep in quite a while- and connected over issues common to ER's across the country.  When I wasn't conferencing, I enjoyed munching on seafood by the hazy Puget Sound and strolling around world famous Pike's Place Market.  

ACEP 2013 certainly wasn't a beach trip, but it was the most educational conference I have attended to date.  Lectures were informative and worth attending.  If you work in the emergency department setting, I would certainly put the American College of Emergency Physician's 2014 conference in Chicago high on your list of continuing medical education conferences to consider for next year.

Did you attend ACEP 2013?  How was your experience?


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