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An NP's 5 Rules for Being Friends with Coworkers

The emergency department where I work has a very collegial environment. Physicians, NPs and nurses spend time socially with one another., One friend/coworker group, for example, vacationed together at the Hangout Fest music festival in Alabama earlier this year. A Kentucky Derby viewing party is an annual event held in one MD’s home and all ED staff are invited to attend. Yet another group of workplace friends organizes regular lunch meet-ups with an open invitation. While socialization between coworkers is generally positive, I often wonder if the nature of our workplace social structure has the potential to lead to professional pitfalls.

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Your Questions About Working in the ER, Answered

After I graduated from my nurse practitioner program, it took me a few years to find my niche. I always knew I wanted to work in the emergency department, however employers required experience and refused to budge. Unable to land so much as an interview in the ER, I settled for employment at a walk-in/primary care clinic and then in urgent care. With two years of experience under my belt, I was finally able to talk my way into an interview at a local emergency department. Five years later, I’m still employed by the same hospital and am enjoying life as a seasoned emergency department nurse practitioner. 

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My Best Advice for Anxiety-Filled New Grad NPs

New grad nurse practitioner life is no joke. Even if you've worked as a nurse for many years, you're taking on a new role with significantly more responsibility as an NP. Now, you're responsible for diagnosing and creating a treatment plan, in some cases working almost autonomously. For new nurse practitioners, this can be an anxiety provoking experience. 

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Too Broke to Attend a CE Conference? Try This.

Continuing education conferences are a great way for nurse practitioners to boost clinical knowledge, connect with other NPs and rekindle career passion. Not to mention, who doesn't like a totally valid excuse to step outside of the clinic or hospital walls every once in a while? Whether you're an eager type-A nurse practitioner student or a seasoned NP, there's a well kept secret for attending CE conferences affordably. 

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My Sanity-Saving Realization for Working NP Moms

Is there a third role lurking in your life?

I was speaking at a conference when an attendee raised her hand and asked how I balance my work as a nurse practitioner with motherhood. The question took me a bit off guard as I do better in situations where I have time to contemplate rather than those on-the-spot kinds of moments. 

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Back to School Clinical Swag Giveaway!

As summer draws to a close, if you're a nurse practitioner student you're likely looking forward to a fresh new start come the new academic school year. Even for those of us who are no longer in a NP program, September is a time to power up, get motivated, and create a game plan to maximize the rest of the year. We’ve teamed up once again with clinician-founded company Medelita for a giveaway that will help you kick off your fall in style, comfort, and peak clinical performance.

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Trend Watch: Jogger Scrub Bottoms

I fell head over heels for the skinny scrub bottom look last year. Especially the skinny jogger scrub look. But, I was pregnant. In my not-so-skinny, not-so-athletic state I wasn't ready to test out the trend when I first spotted it hitting hospital floors. Now, with a 9-month-old, I'm back in action and mentally and physically prepared to discuss all things healthcare fashion. 

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I Resolved to Leave Work On Time...

…This is what I did to make it happen 

As a nurse practitioner who has worked in primary care, urgent care and emergency department settings, I can say there are a few challenges common to NPs across the board. Leaving work on time is one of them. Packed schedules have us scrambling from patient to patient with little time left for charting, reviewing lab results, and responding to questions. So, we tack these duties on to the end of our clinical day or bring them home with us. 

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6 Primary Care Podcasts for Nurse Practitioners On-the-Go

How do you use your downtime? As a nurse practitioner, even with eight years of experience, I often feel that I still have so much to learn. One of the great (but challenging) things about the medical profession is that healthcare is constantly evolving and changing. To help keep up to date with the latest in clinical practice, I often turn to podcasts. These audio education series are the perfect way to put downtime in the car to use and pay off in my practice. 

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The Emotional Stages of Life as a New Grad Nurse Practitioner

I distinctly recall learning about the stages of grief during a psychiatric rotation in my nursing program. Having experienced the recent death of a family member, I identified with the content, and was impressed that the textbook outline of the grieving process was so spot on. The emotional stages of a new grad nurse practitioner are much different than those of the grief process (thank goodness!), however, for most NPs, new grad emotions come in a somewhat predictable pattern. 

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11 Beach Reads for Nurse Practitioners that Make Summer Even Better

How's your summer going? Mine has been pretty action packed, so most of my pleasure 'reading' has been in the form of audio book. In a few weeks, however, I will be heading to the lake with family for vacation and I'm in the market for a few beach reads to enjoy for the week. If you're also a nurse practitioner who could also use some summer reading material, check out these beach reads for NPs (in no particular order). 

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The Best Apps to Help Busy NPs Save Time

I absolutely love tools that help my efficiency level. I'm a get-things-done kind of girl. So, if there's a way to knock my to-do list out more quickly, particularly if this means spending more time hanging out with friends or hitting up the pool with my husband then I'm on it. I've developed a repertoire of apps that help make my life as a full-time nurse practitioner flow more smoothly and thought I would share. If you're looking for a way to spend less time outside of work  on to-do's and more time on life's meaningful moments, check out the following apps. 

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