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Trend Watch: Jogger Scrub Bottoms

I fell head over heels for the skinny scrub bottom look last year. Especially the skinny jogger scrub look. But, I was pregnant. In my not-so-skinny, not-so-athletic state I wasn't ready to test out the trend when I first spotted it hitting hospital floors. Now, with a 9-month-old, I'm back in action and mentally and physically prepared to discuss all things healthcare fashion. 

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I Resolved to Leave Work On Time...

…This is what I did to make it happen 

As a nurse practitioner who has worked in primary care, urgent care and emergency department settings, I can say there are a few challenges common to NPs across the board. Leaving work on time is one of them. Packed schedules have us scrambling from patient to patient with little time left for charting, reviewing lab results, and responding to questions. So, we tack these duties on to the end of our clinical day or bring them home with us. 

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6 Primary Care Podcasts for Nurse Practitioners On-the-Go

How do you use your downtime? As a nurse practitioner, even with eight years of experience, I often feel that I still have so much to learn. One of the great (but challenging) things about the medical profession is that healthcare is constantly evolving and changing. To help keep up to date with the latest in clinical practice, I often turn to podcasts. These audio education series are the perfect way to put downtime in the car to use and pay off in my practice. 

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The Emotional Stages of Life as a New Grad Nurse Practitioner

I distinctly recall learning about the stages of grief during a psychiatric rotation in my nursing program. Having experienced the recent death of a family member, I identified with the content, and was impressed that the textbook outline of the grieving process was so spot on. The emotional stages of a new grad nurse practitioner are much different than those of the grief process (thank goodness!), however, for most NPs, new grad emotions come in a somewhat predictable pattern. 

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11 Beach Reads for Nurse Practitioners that Make Summer Even Better

How's your summer going? Mine has been pretty action packed, so most of my pleasure 'reading' has been in the form of audio book. In a few weeks, however, I will be heading to the lake with family for vacation and I'm in the market for a few beach reads to enjoy for the week. If you're also a nurse practitioner who could also use some summer reading material, check out these beach reads for NPs (in no particular order). 

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The Best Apps to Help Busy NPs Save Time

I absolutely love tools that help my efficiency level. I'm a get-things-done kind of girl. So, if there's a way to knock my to-do list out more quickly, particularly if this means spending more time hanging out with friends or hitting up the pool with my husband then I'm on it. I've developed a repertoire of apps that help make my life as a full-time nurse practitioner flow more smoothly and thought I would share. If you're looking for a way to spend less time outside of work  on to-do's and more time on life's meaningful moments, check out the following apps. 

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Vintage Medical Artwork We're Head Over Heels For

We've moved! MidlevelU has officially moved into a new office space. The transition has been a positive change - we've got more room that's better suited to our team's growing needs. And, an excuse to redecorate - what more could you ask for?! Staying true to our healthcare roots, we're weaving medical decor into our new digs. In the process of getting our new headquarters in order, we discovered some cool vintage medical posters you might want for your office, too (we did avoid the STI-related selections!). If you could stand to freshen up your office, create a gallery wall with a few of these picks. 

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A Tried and True Method for Creating Your Ideal Life

Talking with a friend this morning, I started thinking about just how much we all balance. Working as nurse practitioners and physician assistants, we've got busy careers with a reasonably high stress level and demanding schedules. In addition, we fit in all that goes on with spouses, kids, extended family and our social lives. Not to mention, its nice to take time away for yourself once in a while. Looking at all of these obligations, how do you fit them all in? Can you really have an ideal life?

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Your Mind Is Not a Microwave

So don't treat your clinical education like it is one

I see a number of posts from nurse practitioners requesting quick fixes. Inquiries like "I accepted a new position in neurology - do you know of any quick brush-up courses?" and "I'm trying to learn medical Spanish - does anyone know of any conferences to attend?". While conferences and other short learning experiences certainly have merit, mastering the various aspects of clinical practice takes much more time and involvement than a one-week continuing education bootcamp. 

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New Series! Approaching Pain Management

From pharmacology to putting your foot down

Raise you hand if you struggle with setting boundaries in treating pain for your patients. Pain management is a huge topic these days for nurse practitioners and physician assistants. As one who has personally broken ribs in the past and felt the relief a Lortab provides and as one who suffered from a nasty case of influenza as a child and was comforted by codeine-containing cough syrup, I understand that opioids have a valid place in medicine. But, as a nurse practitioner practicing amidst an opioid crisis, I also feel immense pressure to stray from prescribing these drugs. 

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Volunteering? Medical Missions Organizations to Consider

Participating in a medical mission trip as a nurse practitioner or physician assistant is much more than an opportunity to boost your resume. Done right, medical mission trips play a key role in strengthening societies and bridging the gaps in socioeconomic divides. Whether it’s with a big name organization or aboard a floating hospital ship, medical volunteerism is an excellent way to make a difference in the lives of the individuals it serves, bringing healthcare to impoverished nations who wouldn’t otherwise receive medical care. 

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The NP & PA's Guide to Volunteering at Music Festivals

If you’re a nurse practitioner or physician assistant who enjoys attending concerts and music festivals, then signing up as an event healthcare provider may be just the opportunity you’re looking for. Not only is it a great way to get an all-access pass for a festival you’ve been dying to go to, but it’s a unique way to practice your clinical skills in a very cool, nontraditional environment. 

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