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On-Site NP Job Interview: How to Take Full Advantage

If you're considering a location change for your next nurse practitioner job, you've got a lot more to consider in your interview process than just the job and workplace itself. Relocating means evaluating a potential new living situation and the practicality and personal fit of the geographic area. You might have the job of your dreams, but if you're socially isolated or otherwise not a fit for the community in which you live, life can take a miserable turn for the worse. So, how do you assess potential nurse practitioner job opportunities away from home?

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5 Questions NPs Should Ask Before Accepting a Signing Bonus

Awaiting a windfall

Congrats! You've made it far enough in the interview process that your next nurse practitioner job is in sight. Maybe you're dreaming of landing your first NP position. Or, perhaps you've got visions of a more balanced career-home life ahead with this next step. Whatever your motivation, the final part of the NP job interview process means negotiating compensation. 

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5 Inspiring NPs Who Started Their Own Clinics

Do you have an entrepreneurial bent? If starting your own practice is a career aspiration, the best place to begin your endeavor is by talking to other nurse practitioners who've done the same. I have spoken with a number of NP practice owners who've shared their stories here on MidlevelU. 

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Primary Care (+ ER) NP Residency Available in Wyoming

Are you looking for a real career adventure? Today's featured NP residency opportunity pairs a truly unprecedented learning experience with a unique lifestyle offering. If you're the kind of nurse practitioner who dreams of working in remote or rural environments, the kinds of places where the primary care provider still rounds on the hospital floor and helps-out in the emergency department, this is the opportunity for you. Our ThriveAP+ program is partnering with a Wyoming clinic and hospital to provide a residency-like job for one new graduate or an NP with experience looking to take their career to the next level. For nurse practitioners interested in rural medicine, this opportunity provides the perfect foundation. 

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When Should You Apply for a Nurse Practitioner Residency or Fellowship?

With a number of program options out there, it can be difficult to get a grasp on just how to get your foot in the door for a nurse practitioner residency or fellowship. If you've decided that these post-graduate employment opportunities are the next best step to kickstart your career, how far in advance do you need to apply? 

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Why You Shouldn't Wait to Get Your NP License

Procrastinators and penny-pinchers take note!

I've talked before about the expenses associated with nurse practitioner graduation (here are the 9 hidden costs). From the $731 you'll need to shell out for a DEA number to a few hundred dollars here and there for various licenses and certifications, the financial burden of finishing your NP program is real. As a result, it's tempting to delay applying for these licenses until you land post-graduate employment. This way an employer may cover or at least reimburse you for some of these expenses, right?! 

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3 Ways to Land a NP Job with a Facility That’s Not Actually Hiring

Is there a unique specialty area or healthcare organization that you have been dying to work for? Perhaps you have several facilities on your radar that fit right in line with your nurse practitioner career goals but the only problem is, none of these organizations ever seem to have an opening. If this is you, don’t give up on your career aspirations just yet. Here are three ways to land a NP job with a facility that’s not actually hiring.

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4 Questions to Ask About Your Nurse Practitioner Relocation Package

New beginnings are an exciting and stressful time. Fortunately, for nurse practitioners at such junctures, relocating for a job, employers often help mitigate this stress by providing financial assistance with moving expenses. This moving allowance and the terms of its receipt will be outlined in your employment agreement. Before signing on the dotted line, ask yourself these questions about your relocation package. 

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Can a FNP Work in Psych?

There’s a lot of gray area surrounding specialties for nurse practitioners. Unlike physicians, who study very specific areas of medicine, as NPs our specialties are pretty general. ‘Acute Care’ and ‘Family’ are about as specific as it gets for us in most educational institutions. Instead, we hone our areas in practice on the job with training from an employer.

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How Can ER Nurse Practitioners Expect to be Paid?

I've worked as an emergency nurse practitioner for nearly ten years now and am employed at three different hospitals. So, I've gotten a pretty well-rounded idea about what to expect as a nurse practitioner working in the emergency department. One big question I get about my job is in regards to salary - how much and in what manner can emergency nurse practitioners expect to be paid?

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Nurse Practitioner Market Saturation: Should You Worry?

It seems like everyone has their own opinion about saturation in the nurse practitioner job market. If you're a NP student, your professors are probably talking about the demand for providers and how employers are eager to hire you post-graduation. If you talk with recent nurse practitioner school grads, they're saying you're totally screwed once you kick off your job search. Who's right?

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Can FNPs Work in Hospital and Specialty Settings?

Ahhh...the age old question. Are family nurse practitioners allowed to work in the hospital setting? The scope of practice for FNPs is a big gray area and one that's often subject to debate. When it comes to accepting a position, if you're an FNP, can you sign on with a hospital?

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