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Non-Solicitation Clause: Is One Hiding in Your NP Employment Agreement?

I’ve mentioned before, that thinking through how your nurse practitioner job will end is perhaps even more important than negotiating how it will begin. As you review any employment agreement, it’s imperative that you consider the implications of restrictive covenants like non-compete clauses. Such terms limit how and where you can practice when you leave the employer in question. 

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8 Tips to Save Nurse Practitioners from Job Search Disaster

Do you ever worry that the company currently employing you as a nurse practitioner will discover you're looking for a new job? Believe it or not, having a job while looking for another really is an ideal situation. Current employment makes you a more attractive nurse practitioner candidate as it shows to prospective employers that you are hireable and in demand; whereas searching for jobs as an unemployed NP raises questions for potential employers and puts you on the defense as to why you’re not currently in the workforce. 

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The Emotional Stages of Life as a New Grad Nurse Practitioner

I distinctly recall learning about the stages of grief during a psychiatric rotation in my nursing program. Having experienced the recent death of a family member, I identified with the content, and was impressed that the textbook outline of the grieving process was so spot on. The emotional stages of a new grad nurse practitioner are much different than those of the grief process (thank goodness!), however, for most NPs, new grad emotions come in a somewhat predictable pattern. 

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How to Work as a Nurse Practitioner in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Over the past year or so, I've had a few nurse practitioners ask about how NPs can work in the U.S. Virgin Islands. I had never considered taking my career outside of the states to a U.S. territory. Not a bad idea... Whether it’s the lure of 133 square miles of pure tropical oasis right outside your doorstep or the opportunity to provide healthcare to a medically underserved population, practicing as a nurse practitioner in the U.S. Virgin Islands can be very appealing. And along with teaching, healthcare jobs are in constant demand as one of the USVI’s major occupations.

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Obtaining a California Nurse Practitioner License in 8 Painful Steps

As the kickoff to ThriveAP nears, our participating nurse practitioners are facing the NP certification and licensure process. If you're a new grad nurse practitioner, you're likely in a similar place. Approaching the process in an efficient, organized manner ensures you keep your job search and start date on track. A lack of understanding of the licensure process for nurse practitioners wastes precious time. 

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Unexpected Ways to Diversify Your Career Without a DNP

A nurse practitioner recently emailed me asking how to "diversify or advance [herself] professionally and not necessarily by becoming a DNP". This is a question a lot of us as nurse practitioners are asking. Our time in the clinic or hospital seeing patients becomes routine and we're ready to mix things up a bit. But, we don't necessarily want to go back to school. The DNP doesn't seem like it will necessarily lead to the professional change we're looking for. 

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Jobs for NPs with Flexible Hours

One of the common frustrations of life as a nurse practitioner is that the work schedule may not be as flexible as it is with other occupations. We almost always treat patients in person so working from home isn't an option. And, appointments are scheduled far in advance making it difficult to shift around our work days or hours. We all have commitments and interests outside of work that make a flexible schedule desirable. So, how do you land employment as a nurse practitioner that still allows you the flexibility to tend to the things life throws your way?

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Are Your Nurse Practitioner Salary Expectations Reasonable?

Compensation may not be the most important thing to you in your job search but it certainly enters the equation. You’re likely approaching your career transition with a salary expectation in mind. What’s your number?

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Can You Afford to Start Your Own Practice?

Last year, we did a series on nurse practitioner entrepreneurs here on MidlevelU. These NP's insights into business ownership and the stories of how they started their own practices were very enlightening. In talking with NP entrepreneurs, one common thread wove through many of their stories. Finances. 

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3 Dermatology Certifications for Nurse Practitioners

NP degrees are awarded for broad specialties, but for nurse practitioners with focused interests, seeking specialty certification outside of academia can be a beneficial career move. This not only demonstrates a commitment to your specialty but also show patients and prospective employers that you have achieved a certain skill set or level of knowledge. Earlier, we looked at cardiology certifications for NPs. Today, we will tackle derm. 

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Tips That Will Make You a Rockstar at Clinic Time Management

Advice to avoid getting behind schedule

Getting behind schedule is a constant battle for many nurse practitioners. Patients arrive like clockwork for appointments, piling up in the lobby, as you struggle to get those currently in the exam room treated and out the door. Unexpected paperwork piles up. Answering patient calls eats up precious minutes. Your printer malfunctioning requires time to fix. 

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Job Search: Breaking Through at a Large Hospital System

Tips for Nurse Practitioners

I recently spoke with a friend who is a highly specialized nurse practitioner (electrophysiology). She has about ten years of experience and would be a great catch for any cardiology group. When she moved to a new city this past year, however, she encountered significant hurdles landing a job. The city where she lives is dominated by large hospitals and even though she applied for job postings online, she seemed to get nowhere in the bureaucratic hiring processes of these institutions. 

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