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3 Things I Learned from My NP New Grad Job Search Experience

By Guest Contributor Justin Groce, AGNP-C

So, you’ve just graduated from your nurse practitioner program? Congrats! I wrapped up NP school and officially entered the job market in 2015. I quickly discovered there are some highs and lows for new grad NPs when it comes to the job search. If you’re a new nurse practitioner graduate this year, here are three tips based on my personal experiences.

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What's the Pass Rate for the Acute Care NP Certification Exam?

Passing the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner certification exam is the key to entering practice if you're graduating from your ACAGNP program this year. It's standing between you and employment (i.e. a paycheck) pressure. If you haven’t already, odds are at some point, you’ll have a stressful thought or two about which exam to take and whether you’ll actually pass. What do the stats say about your decision?

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Cardiology Certifications for NPs That Don't Require Another Degree

...because you've been in school long enough

I received an excellent question from a nurse practitioner this weekend. This particular NP reached out about programs that allow nurse practitioners to receive specialty education or acknowledge specialty experience without returning to school for an additional degree. Most nurse practitioner programs offer broad education tracks rather than subspecialty education. So, NPs with focused interests are left to blaze their own trails toward further specialization. 

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Six Ways to Fight a Post NP Graduation Slump

Graduating from your nurse practitioner program is a bittersweet accomplishment. On one hand you’re beyond excited to finally be done with school and eager to start your new profession as an NP. On the other hand, you may also feel overwhelmed and stressed about the uncertainty of your future now that school is over and it’s time to put what you’ve learned into practice.

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The Inside Scoop on Financial Aid for NP Students

I'm certainly not an accountant, but I'm not bad with numbers either. I can plan and maintain a budget (unless I find myself at Nordstrom...), and make appropriate decisions regarding my finances. Despite my personal financial know-how, reviewing financial aid options for nurse practitioner students makes me cringe. 

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4 Cold, Hard Truths in Your First Nurse Practitioner Job

The excitement of graduating from your NP program and eager anticipation of starting your first nurse practitioner job (i.e. finally getting a paycheck!), probably have you feeling like you're in a pretty good spot. And, you are. Congratulations on this step in your career are certainly in order. Personally, once I actually started my job, things took a turn for the worse. I found that starting my first NP job was an eye-opening reality check. 

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The Emotional Stages of Life as a New Grad Nurse Practitioner

I distinctly recall learning about the stages of grief during a psychiatric rotation in my nursing program. Having experienced the recent death of a family member, I identified with the content, and was impressed that the textbook outline of the grieving process was so spot on. The emotional stages of a new grad nurse practitioner are much different than those of the grief process (thank goodness!), however, for most NPs, new grad emotions come in a somewhat predictable pattern. 

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Is There a Nurse Practitioner to Physician Assistant Track?

Interestingly, I've had a number of individuals ask about transitioning from the nurse practitioner to the physician assistant profession or vice versa. Returning to the academic setting to complete the full education requirements to become a PA seems unnecessary if you're already a nurse practitioner since the two professions practice so similarly. So, is there a fast track for nurse practitioners who want to become physician assistants? What about the other way around?

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Attend Our NP Residency Info Session

Are you graduating from your nurse practitioner program in 2019? If so, you've got a lot of decisions to make. Where will you work once you wrap up your NP program? How will you continue to build upon the clinical foundation you've built in school? Life as a new grad NP is overwhelming. There's uncertainty about next employment steps and a lot of "I don't know's" in the clinical setting. I understand, I've been there.

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Obtaining a California Nurse Practitioner License in 8 Painful Steps

As the kickoff to ThriveAP nears, our participating nurse practitioners are facing the NP certification and licensure process. If you're a new grad nurse practitioner, you're likely in a similar place. Approaching the process in an efficient, organized manner ensures you keep your job search and start date on track. A lack of understanding of the licensure process for nurse practitioners wastes precious time. 

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6 Things No One Tells You About Being a New Grad NP

The best way to tackle life's transitions is to be prepared - there are certainly some challenges on the horizon for you as a new grad nurse practitioner. A little practicality and foresight can help you brace for the hurdles you might face. They help you keep perspective when the $@^&#* hits the fan and you feel like giving up. Life as a new grad nurse practitioner won't be easy. But, thinking through the coming months realistically will help you weather the storm. Here are a few truths (based on my own NP experience) to keep in mind.

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Urgent Care NP Residency Opportunities

A new option with MMU!

Most participants in Midlevels for the Medically Underserved (MMU), our residency-like NP program, match with primary care facilities to help take their clinical skills to the next level post-graduation. This week, we're excited to announce that MMU now has the option to match with urgent care facilities in the southeast (TN, LA, KY, MS). If you're a Family Nurse Practitioner new grad (or soon to be) and are interested in the urgent care setting, the program is a fantastic opportunity to do your first year of clinical practice with in-clinic support as well as a didactic curriculum packed with practical, actionable clinical information. 

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