3 Reasons You Should Become a Home Health NP

Remember when you were in nursing school and you really wanted to help people?  Then, you became employed by an organization riddled with politics, bureaucracy and poor management.  Numbers and billing were forced upon you as a focus rather than actually taking care of people.  Becoming a home health nurse practitioner may just be the answer to transforming your frustrating work environment.

Thanks to new Medicare laws and an aging population, home health nurse practitioners are in high demand.  Although visiting patients in their homes may sound a bit intimidating, this career offers unmatched flexibility and an excellent income.  Here are a few reasons you should consider a career as a home health nurse practitioner.  

Flexible Schedule

Home health nurse practitioners enjoy unmatched job flexibility.  Often, they are in charge of setting up their own schedules allowing for personal time during the work day or the ability to adjust work to accomodate other commitments.  Home health companies are also open to facilitating a variety of workloads.  Want to work 20, 30 or 40 hour weeks?  Home health nurse practitioners are likely to find companies willing to match their desired workload. 

Excellent Earning Potential 

Typically, home health nurse practitioners are paid per patient visit plus mileage.  This includes traveling to the patient's home, visiting with the patient, creating a treatment plan and documentation of the encounter.  Rates per patient visit are quite generous.  

Ideal Patient Care Setting

As a home health NP, you take care of patients at home.  Goodbye distractions and beeping monitors.  At home, patients are more comfortable and receptive to the care you provide.  You aren't surrounded by management and hurried by nurses, phlebotomists and others competing for your patient's attention.  You can achieve a relationship with your patients allowing you to truly have a positive impact on their health.


Hi Erin, I am a FNP-BC and am seeking Home Health Care position. Can you please direct me to needs for this near Fort Lauderdale Florida. Thank you so much.


Hi Will,

Sorry, this is an old posting so the position has been filled. I am happy to help in your job search! Please email careeradvisor@midlevelu.com with a little bit about what you are looking for and we'll be in touch!

Erin Tolbert

Is this employer looking for FNPs or Gerentological ACNPs?