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Unexpected Challenges of Working as a New Grad NP

This morning I was engaged in a discussion with one of our Midlevels for the Medically Underserved cohorts. This group of new grad nurse practitioners and physician assistants has been working in the primary care setting for about six months now so has a little practice experience under their belts. As we were talking, several themes emerged in the conversation. There were a number of challenges facing these novice NPs that they hadn't anticipated. 

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What Should NPs Expect in a Performance Review?

Does your employer conduct regularly scheduled performance reviews? Whether you're a nurse practitioner with a meeting on the books to discuss your conduct or you're faced with an impromptu assessment of your latest achievements, a performance review can be downright nerve wracking. Knowing what to expect in such a meeting and coming prepared can help you approach the review with confidence and ease anxiety. Here's what nurse practitioners can expect when a boss requests a meet-up. 

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NPs Poised for Critical Role in Women's Health

We talk a lot about the primary care shortage in our country, but did you know there's also a women's health crisis on the horizon? The number of OB-GYNs practicing in the United States is not expected to keep up with demand. Not only is our population growing, practice patterns among physicians in the field are changing, leaving women looking for care. While many are simply adding the OB/GYN shortage to the ever-growing list of healthcare problems in our country, there is a solution to helping women get care - nurse practitioners, of course. 

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Should You Ditch Your Full-Time NP Job for Freelancing?

In my first years as a nurse practitioner I worked more than full-time. I picked up extra shifts and took on PRN positions in addition to a full-time job. I busted my booty to save money to buy a house, a much needed vehicle upgrade, and overall establish myself as a working adult in a successful career. Then, in 2012, I founded MidlevelU which became my side-gig. Five years later and counting, the day-in and day-out operations of MidlevelU have become a more than full-time commitment and I have adjusted my schedule working as a nurse practitioner in the emergency department accordingly. I maintain PRN positions with a few local hospitals and work seeing patients one or two days a week. 

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Will You Be Asked Clinical Questions in a NP Job Interview?

Easing job interview angst 

Sweaty palms, shifting in your seat - anxiety levels are high when interviewing for a nurse practitioner position. Whether you’re a new graduate, an NP seeking a specialty transition, or an experienced provider looking for a new employer, the unknowns that come with job interviews are worrisome. One question I often receive from job-seeking nurse practitioners centers around what a prospective employer will ask in the interview, specifically “will I be asked clinical questions in a nurse practitioner job interview?”. 

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Employee vs. Contractor - What's the Difference for NPs?

By Ben Nanney, CPA and CFP®

There are many things to consider when deciding on a new nurse practitioner job-location, work culture, and schedule requirements, for starters. And another important consideration for most all of us is-money! When it comes to money, understanding the difference between being a nurse practitioner paid as an employee versus an independent contractor (IC) is critical.

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5 Elements of Company Culture to Find in Your Next NP Job

One of the most important, yet often overlooked, factors to consider when searching for your next nurse practitioner position is company culture. Just what exactly is company culture and why is it important, you might ask? Simply put, company culture is the personality of the organization; a system of shared assumptions, values and beliefs which guide the behaviors and interactions between the employees and management.

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Nurse Practitioners in These States Just Got Major Raises

Nurse practitioners are enjoying positive momentum in the healthcare job market these days. It seems that every time I tell someone I’m an NP, they respond with a smile and an “Oh yeah, I just saw a nurse practitioner at…, It was great!”. Increasing recognition of our profession among patients, growing employment of NPs by healthcare facilities, and more permissive scope of practice regulations passed by lawmakers all contribute to the positives of life as a nurse practitioner in our current healthcare landscape. Not to mention, with these trends, NP salaries are naturally on the rise

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4 Mistakes Experienced Nurse Practitioners Make in a Job Search

If you're an experienced nurse practitioner, you're in luck. Your job search should be much easier than it was as a new grad now that you've got some real-life practice hours under your belt. Not to mention, you likely have professional connections to help with your search. Whether you've been working as an NP for ten months or ten years, your employment outlook is bright.

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How to Actually Get Hired from a Nurse Practitioner Job Board

Searching for a nurse practitioner job might feel as though you’ve taken on a PRN position in addition to your current work; it can be that time consuming. Although many NPs rely on job boards to assist in their quest for a new opportunity, it’s been debated as to whether or not job boards are not a good way to get hired. The huge volume of applications that are received in response to one single posting can leave you to wonder, is getting hired from a posting off a job board even possible or does your resume just get sent into a black hole?

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Are Resumes On The Way Out for Nurse Practitioners?

You're probably aware that as a nurse practitioner applying for a job, employers are looking at much more than your resume. This extends beyond the way you communicate on the phone or over email, and even goes further than a background check. Many employers are checking out prospective additions to their team on social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to understand what exactly to expect if they bring you on board. Not only that, some employers are going so far as to use your online presence and additional screenings to decide if you deserve an interview. Will these practices make resumes are a moot point for professionals like NPs?

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3 Mistakes You’re Probably Making After Your NP Job Interview

I’ve talked with a number of nurse practitioners looking for jobs. Whether new grads fresh out of school, or NPs with several years of experience, it seems there are a few common themes that emerge in the job acquisition process for nurse practitioners across the board. Surprisingly, many of the mistakes NPs make during this process occur not during an interview, but after. 

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