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Primary Care (+ ER) NP Residency Available in Wyoming

Are you looking for a real career adventure? Today's featured NP residency opportunity pairs a truly unprecedented learning experience with a unique lifestyle offering. If you're the kind of nurse practitioner who dreams of working in remote or rural environments, the kinds of places where the primary care provider still rounds on the hospital floor and helps-out in the emergency department, this is the opportunity for you. Our ThriveAP+ program is partnering with a Wyoming clinic and hospital to provide a residency-like job for one new graduate or an NP with experience looking to take their career to the next level. For nurse practitioners interested in rural medicine, this opportunity provides the perfect foundation. 

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4 Questions to Ask About Your Nurse Practitioner Relocation Package

New beginnings are an exciting and stressful time. Fortunately, for nurse practitioners at such junctures, relocating for a job, employers often help mitigate this stress by providing financial assistance with moving expenses. This moving allowance and the terms of its receipt will be outlined in your employment agreement. Before signing on the dotted line, ask yourself these questions about your relocation package. 

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Can a FNP Work in Psych?

There’s a lot of gray area surrounding specialties for nurse practitioners. Unlike physicians, who study very specific areas of medicine, as NPs our specialties are pretty general. ‘Acute Care’ and ‘Family’ are about as specific as it gets for us in most educational institutions. Instead, we hone our areas in practice on the job with training from an employer.

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Can FNPs Work in Hospital and Specialty Settings?

Ahhh...the age old question. Are family nurse practitioners allowed to work in the hospital setting? The scope of practice for FNPs is a big gray area and one that's often subject to debate. When it comes to accepting a position, if you're an FNP, can you sign on with a hospital?

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NP Residency Application 2020 is Here!

Are you wrapping up your nurse practitioner program in 2020? While donning your cap and gown may seem like a distant event, graduation isn't that far away and it's not too soon to start thinking about your next steps. Finding and working in your first nurse practitioner job can seem like a daunting task. While your clinicals will give you a medical foundation, there's still a long way to go post-graduation to make your clinical skill set robust and efficient. Enter nurse practitioner residencies. 

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Here's How Much Nurse Practitioners Earn (On Average)

Are you being paid fairly? Or, if you're thinking of becoming a nurse practitioner, how much can you expect to earn? It's pretty hard to pin exact numbers down. Some online polls show salaries that lead to dreams of a McMansion and a new car in the garage (or maybe just paying for your kids' college). Other online surveys indicate that you're probably better off keeping your job as an RN rather than making the investment of going back to school. Given the wide variety of unofficial information out there about NP salaries, we feel it's best to stick to official sources. 

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3 Things I Learned from My NP New Grad Job Search Experience

By Guest Contributor Justin Groce, AGNP-C

So, you’ve just graduated from your nurse practitioner program? Congrats! I wrapped up NP school and officially entered the job market in 2015. I quickly discovered there are some highs and lows for new grad NPs when it comes to the job search. If you’re a new nurse practitioner graduate this year, here are three tips based on my personal experiences.

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The Truth about Social Media and Your NP Job Search

Will your Instagram account affect your nurse practitioner candidacy?

Whether you’re on the hunt for your first nurse practitioner job or are making a career change, you’ve undoubtedly heard your fair share of warnings about how your social media profiles can affect your chances of landing an NP position. But is it really true? Do potential employers really investigate your social media presence as part of their hiring process? 

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Can You Really Accept that Nurse Practitioner Job?

Making realistic NP career moves 

There are a wealth of opportunities out there for job-seeking nurse practitioners. From unique practice settings to distinct patient populations and geographic location, the options for your career are endless. 

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RN Experience in Your NP Job Search: Does it Help?

It seem like RN experience should help or count for something in your nurse practitioner job search, right?! But, does this assumption play out in practice?

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8 Tips to Save Nurse Practitioners from Job Search Disaster

Do you ever worry that the company currently employing you as a nurse practitioner will discover you're looking for a new job? Believe it or not, having a job while looking for another really is an ideal situation. Current employment makes you a more attractive nurse practitioner candidate as it shows to prospective employers that you are hireable and in demand; whereas searching for jobs as an unemployed NP raises questions for potential employers and puts you on the defense as to why you’re not currently in the workforce. 

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6 Nurse Practitioner Specialties You've Never Heard Of

One of the great things about life as a nurse practitioner is the opportunity to branch into almost any medical specialty. Though in school, as NP students we study medicine in very general terms (i.e. "Family", "Acute Care", "Pediatrics" or "Women's Health"), out in the real world, the options are endless. As I've mentioned before, my former FNP classmates have branched into specialties from cardiology to allergy/asthma, emergency medicine, gastroenterology and more. 

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