2 New Inventions That Help Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

By MidlevelU Intern and Healthcare Administrator in Training Stephanie Bauer

The great thing about medicine is that things are always changing. There's new research on the horizon, new drugs undergoing testing, and, my favorite, cool new medical devices being invented. Recently, I learned of two new gadgets on the market that are perfect for helping NPs in their interactions with kids. 

Dealing with children in the hospital or clinic setting can be a bit delicate. Fear and fussiness are often the name of the game in pediatrics. Fortunately, these new creations help mitigate fear and may even help your pediatric patients have a little fun at their next visit to your clinic. 

The Buzzy

What if there was a device that could prevent your patients (and you!) from feeling pain the next time they got an injection? Dr. Amy Baxter, a pediatric emergency physician, has discovered just that. She invented a bee-shaped device, appropriately called the Buzzy, which desensitizes nerves around an area of the body during blood draws, injections, or IV insertion. The device literally buzzes away pain. 

Here's how the Buzzy works. The device combines cold and vibration blocking the unpleasant sensation of a needle stick. In a recent study of 176 children, the Buzzy showed a significant reduction in pain and anxiety among kids receiving a vaccine. While the invention was intended for children, it is effective for pain relief in adults as well. 

So, the next time you give a child the unfortunate news they will be receiving a shot, give the Buzzy a try. It just might help out (a blinged out band-aid never hurts either). 

Thermometer Stickers

Taking a child's temperature can be a major struggle. For parents, this can mean waking a child from sleep, or a major meltdown. Simply deciding which type of thermometer to use can be confusion enough. Do you take a temperature orally or rectally? What about with a forehead thermometer or a tympanic thermometer? A new, convenient to use, device offers a solution to these problems for parents and pediatric nurse practitioners alike. 

Now, you can check a child's temperature with the Ava the Elephant Thermometer Sticker. A creation of Tiffany Krumi, entrepreneur featured on TV show Shark Tank, the new stickers use liquid crystal technology to accurately monitor a child's temperature over a 24 hour period. The stickers are latex free, hypoallergenic, and are simply applied to a child's forehead. The stickers cost about six dollars for a six-pack. 

What other nifty devices do you use in your pediatric practice?


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