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Enter our Launch Party Medelita Giveaway!

Goood morning friends! I'm up bright and early here in NYC to talk medication safety with the Fox and Friends team. More on that to come. First things first on this lovely fall Wednesday- free stuff. 

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It's a MyMidlevelU Launch Party Dansko Giveaway!

Have you logged in to the new MyMidlevelU message boards yet? If not, check them out and post a comment with your most pressing nurse practitioner related questions, comments and concerns! Here at MidlevelU HQ we're up early this morning, unable to contain our excitement about the site's new features. And, to celebrate our upgrade we've partnered with nursing fashion favorite, Dansko. 

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Does Gender Make the Nurse? A Look at Mursing

By MidlevelU Intern and Healthcare Administrator in Training Stephanie Bauer

Did you know that at one time only men were nurses, not women? Documentation dating back to 250 B.C. shows there was an established nursing school in India that was exclusively for, you guessed it, men. Women were not allowed to attend. At that time, it was believed women were not as pure as men. 

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Join the MyMidlevelU Launch Party!

Okay, okay, we might not be rolling out MidlevelU's new features with quite the affair Apple threw last week to announce the iPhone 6 (we tried to get Gwen Stefani lined up- it didn't work out...), but here at MidlevelU headquarters we're super excited to announce that we are rolling out some new and improved features to the site. We think you'll be pleased. 

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Totally Awesome T-Shirts for Nurse Practitioners

Nerdy as it may seem, I totally fall for products marketed to science geeks, medical providers, and those geared toward my other random hobbies. My favorite gym tee sports the graphic of an apple wearing a sweatband captioned with the words "Wokin' My Core". I can't help but smile a little every time I throw it on before my morning workout. I shy away from wearing graphic tees everywhere I go, but the occasional comical getup definitely lightens my mood. 

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Tartare Trouble! What Healthcare Providers Need to Know about Tuna

I don't always cover each of my news segments on MidlevelU as I figure you all as medical providers are aware of the information at hand. But, in reviewing studies, government recommendations, and yes, even a few EPA reports in decoding Consumer Report's most recent recommendations for this Saturday's Fox and Friends appearance, I learned some intriguing information about, well, tuna. I thought you might be interested as well. 

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The GRE is Coming: How Will You Prepare?

By MidlevelU Intern and NP in Progress Ashley Prince

Can anyone else believe August is here already? It seems like yesterday I was out celebrating the 4th of July, and now summer is slowly winding down. I'm not complaining though; it's been swelteringly hot here in Columbus, and I can't wait for the cozy sweaters and crisp leaves of fall. Autumn isn't all pumpkin spice lattes, though. It also means the dawn of new semester graduate school applications, and a looming GRE testing date. 

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Globetrotters Exclusive: International CME Conferences

I'm always looking for an excuse to take a vacation. The more exotic the destination, the better. I love traveling to personally uncharted territories, planning an itinerary, taking in the sights, navigating with a crumpeled map, and most of all sampling local cuisine. What better excuse for an adventure than to complete required continuing medical education credits?

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Wake Up with MidlevelU and Fox and Friends This Saturday Morning!

I'm discussing my favorite thing of all time tomorrow on Fox and! Most of us make at least some attempt to eat healthfully and the best way to decipher the nutritional content of your foods is packaging labels, right? Unfortunately that's not always the case. "No added sugar", "cholesterol free", and "a good source of fiber" are common claims made on the labels of our favorite foods, but how do these assertions hold up?

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Nurses Week ACLS Giveaway

As Nurses Week comes to a close, I hope you have received plenty of recognition from your employer and colleagues. Personally, I have snagged one too many tasty treats from the break room in celebration over the past few days. It's back on track with my healthy eating plan after work on Monday. But, definitely not until then!

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Mother's Day Health Myths Debunked + Fox and Friends

Happy Mother's Day! If you're a mom, take advantage of the morning. Send your husband on the weekly grocery store run (kids in tow), relax with a good book and make sure someone cooks you brunch (cleanup included). We all love our moms but when it comes to health advice they don't always know best. Yesterday morning on Fox and Friends I debunked some health myths our mom's often told us as kids.

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Thursday Giveaway! Lab Coat Upgrade

It's that time of year again. No, I'm not talking finals or graduation, or even pool season. It's time for the spring closet swap. You know, that time of year when you stash your bulky winter coats and mud-caked snow boots in the attic replacing them with pastel maxi dresses and flirty wedges. As you carry out the annual spring closet switch-up, consider updating your work wardrobe in the process.

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