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Happy Nurse Practitioner Week 2015 + Giveaway!

Happy Nurse Practitioner Week! I hope you feel appropriately celebrated and have been on the receiving end of plenty o' sweet treats at work. While there's a lot to say about the nurse practitioner profession and just how (cough, cough) awesome we are, I thought it would be fitting to kick off the week with a giveaway. There's no better way to be celebrated than with free stuff, right? Oh yeah, guys - this giveaway's for you, too!

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6 Social Media Mistakes That Are Ruining Your NP Job Search

Even if you don't consider yourself an avid user of social media platforms, have never posted a 'tweet', and have never ever poked anyone on Facebook (we don't blame you), more than likely you've left some sort of online footprint. Most often, this footprint goes unnoticed and without consequence. However, your nurse practitioner job search is an entirely different story. 

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Start Your Weekend with MidlevelU on Fox & Friends

Happy Friday, friends! What are you up to this weekend? Today I'm headed to NYC for a quick weekend getaway. While I'm in the city, I plan to stop by the FOX News studio on Saturday morning to talk health tips with the Fox & Friends team. The topic? Healthy foods that still leave you feeling gross!

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7 Totally Worth-It Clinical Apps for Nurse Practitioners

My phone has become quite a 'cheat sheet' for me these days. Medical apps assist with drug dosing information, assessing lab values and appropriate antibiotic prescribing. Building up a list of on-hand resources as a nurse practitioner, however can be a daunting task. Which apps are worth forking over a few bucks to help answer day-to-day clinical questions?

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Introducing the New and Improved MidlevelU eBook!

Drumroll please....

Hello, there! You may or may not have noticed lately that new MidlevelU blog posts haven't been appearing quite as frequently as usual. No, I haven't been away on an exotic vacation or sleeping away my weekends. I've been working long hours on an update to MidlevelU's Career Advisor eBook...or should I say eBooks?

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Decoding Drug Development Phases

In some practices, particularly those affiliated with academic institutions, nurse practitioners have the opportunity to offer participation in clinical trials as a treatment recourse to patients. These NPs serve as an intermediary between researchers and patients monitoring treatment progress, side effects and outcomes. In other instances, as a nurse practitioner you may recommend participation in a clinical trial to a patient who has few other options. Whatever the extent of your interaction with the pharmaceutical industry and research, background knowledge about how drugs are developed is in order. 

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Back to School FIGS Scrubs Giveaway

I woke up this morning determined to go for my am jog despite having arrived home from work at 3am. Anticipating heat and humidity, I dressed accordingly. As I threw open my front door, begrudgingly willing myself to get some exercise, I was pleasantly surprised. The air was crisp with the slightest hint of a chill. Back to school season is definitely here. 

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Pregnant? Best Maternity Scrubs

As every girl knows, there's an outfit for each of life's situations. From a night out on the town to eating ice cream on the couch, we've got clothing to match the mood. So, if you're preggo and working in healthcare, chances are you've got a pair of maternity scrubs coming your way. Maternity clothes have a way of fitting a little off kilter and not being quite up to par so we've scoured store shelves finding the cutest options to keep you covered at work through your pregnancy. 

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International Volunteer Opportunities Give a Glimpse into Healthcare

By MidlevelU Contributor and Future MD Ritika Jain

This summer, for two weeks, I got the chance to join an international volunteer service organization, Volunteers Around the World, on a medical clinic trip to the Dominican Republic. The trip was a glimpse into my future profession and a humbling learning experience. Here's a recap. 

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10 Highest Paying Cities for Nurse Practitioners

If making money is your M.O. as a nurse practitioner, you've got plenty of job options. While some areas of the country are notoriously low paying, others deliver big when it comes to NP salaries. So, if pay is a serious consideration in your job search (as it should be), consider these locations for your next career transition. 

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Is Nurse Bullying for Real?

'Bullying' has been a buzzword in recent years. We talk about bullying in regards to Facebook and as it relates to children in our schools. Frankly, the whole anti-bullying movement kind of drives me nuts. There have always been and will always be mean kids. So, it's up to our parents and teachers to identify them, discipline and counsel them, and give other children the skills needed to handle a harsh word. This is not a new 'movement', this is growing up as it has been and always will be. 

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Don't Miss This Week's MidlevelU Live Chat

We're hosting a little lunch 'n learn session here at MidlevelU HQ Thusday, June 18th at Noon CST and hope you can join. While we can't provide virtual lunch for the session (picking up your favorite local takeout is, however recommended) we can be available to answer all of your most pressing questions and respond to your comments related to the nurse practitioner education and career. 

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