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Decoding Physician Assistant Scope of Practice Regulations

All healthcare providers, physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants alike practice under a set of rules and regulations. While some of these guidelines are implemented at a federal level, states also get a say in how providers are allowed to practice. These sets of guidelines are referred to as scope of practice regulations. State legislatures have the authority to modify them as they see fit. This means the way each type of provider practices looks different in every state. 

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Nurse Practitioners, Are You Complying with This Reporting Law?

By Leondria Taty, MSN, FNP-C

Every state has a reportable disease list, and health care providers including nurse practitioners are required by law to report these diseases. Yes, that’s right by law. That’s because when these diseases are not reported, delayed, or incomplete, new incidences of the disease can occur and spread in your community. Here’s how it works and why it’s important.

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Up for Interpretation: Are Nurse Practitioners Required to Use Interpretors?

Have you ever had a text message conversation that came across totally wrong? Maybe the words in the message were in all the appropriate places, but the underlying tone was not conveyed as intended? Communication is complex, consisting not only of words, but also tone and body language. As nurse practitioners, we face even greater struggles getting the message across as we must communicate detailed medical concepts in a way that makes sense to those without a health education. The equation becomes even more complex when crossing cultural communication boundaries. 

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What Do You Need to Know About Malpractice Tail Coverage?

I am officially getting a new employer.  No, I'm not switching actual jobs, just transitioning from an employee of a small, local company to working for a large, national staffing organization.  While I expect my position, salary and benefits will be similar with my new employer, there are a few things I need to have in order for my job transition.  Any time you take on a new NP position you need to pay close attention to your malpractice coverage.

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What is the OIG Exclusion List, and How Could it Affect Your Practice?

By Healthcare Attorney Alex Scarbrough Fisher

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services maintains a list of healthcare providers who are excluded from participating in Medicare, Medicaid, and all other Federal health care programs. This list is known as the “List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE)” and it is a BIG DEAL for the healthcare providers who unfortunately find themselves on this list. 

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Does Anyone Actually Know How NPs are Allowed to Practice?

I'm at a pharmacology conference in Chicago this week with a friend and former NP school classmate. My friend, Ann, is a family nurse practitioner who has been working in a cardiology practice for the past six years. Ann is pretty much an amazing and inspiring NP. Within cardiology, she has honed her skills in electrophysiology and does all things palpitations, pacemakers, and defibrillators

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The Nurse Practitioner Licensing Process in a Nutshell

I vividly recall sitting in a lecture hall in my nurse practitioner program in a plastic, too-small seat sandwiched between two classmates when I first heard of the NP licensing process. Suddenly, my personal space wasn't the only thing feeling cramped. The ins and outs of certification, applying for a license and a DEA number all in a specific order while simultaneously conducting a job search seemed overwhelming. 

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5 Issues to Consider When Starting Your Own Nurse Practitioner Practice

By Healthcare Attorney Alex Krouse

Nurse practitioner run practices are increasing in number throughout the country. From house call businesses to family practices, nurse practitioners are establishing themselves as business owners in the healthcare industry. Working with nurse practitioners to form their own practices is an exciting experience, but also one that many nurse practitioners find intimidating. 

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Can a D.O. Supervise a Nurse Practitioner?

Much to most nurse practitioner's chagrin, many states require that NPs be 'supervised by' or 'collaborate with' a physician in order to practice, prescribe, or both. These laws can be straightforward or complex depending on the state and contain multiple conditions of this so-called collaboration or supervision. 

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Advice for Taking Call that Will Save Your Nurse Practitioner License

Call responsibilities are an extension of practice for many nurse practitioners. As such, they must be taken just as seriously as in-person patient interactions. Providing care at a distance comes with the potential for misjudgment and miscommunication, so it's important for nurse practitioners to have best practices in place to guide this aspect of their careers. How do you reduce the liability that comes with taking call and ensure the best possible care for your patients?

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Even More(!) Reasons to Seek Legal Review of an Employment Agreement

By Guest Contributor Leigh Ann O'Neill for Lauth O'Neill Physician Agency

If you're a nurse practitioner or physician assistant considering a job offer, you've got a lot to consider. This week here at MidlevelU, we've been looking at various considerations for NPs and PAs when it comes to employment agreements (check out Part I and Part II of the trifecta). Our ultimate conclusion? Asking legal counsel to look over your agreement is well worth the time and expense. Here are the final of our Top 10 Reasons Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants Should Seek Assistance Reviewing an Employment Agreement

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3 More Reasons NPs & PAs Should Seek Expert Review of Employment Agreements

By Guest Contributor Leigh Ann O'Neill for Lauth O'Neill Physician Agency

This week on MidlevelU, we're featuring the top reasons nurse practitioners and physician assistants would be wise to have a set of legal eyes look over an employment contract before signing on the dotted line. If you missed the opening post in our series, Top 10 Reasons NPs & PAs Should Seek Legal Review of Employment Agreements from our employment contract review expert, you can find it here

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