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Heart Attack Signs Go Unrecognized in Young Women

As nurse practitioners, we are well aware of the need for prompt diagnosis and treatment in patients presenting with chest pain.  Our concern for myocardial infarction increases significantly in patients who are elderly, overweight or have multiple chronic medical conditions.  But, are we overlooking patients who do not fit this profile misdiagnosing younger patients presenting with symptoms of heart attack?

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Marijuana Use Tied to IQ Drop

Working in the ER, I encounter many substance abusers.  Generally, my attitude towards marijuana goes something like this "well, at least it's not crack".  Despite my West Coast origins, perhaps I should not be so casual towards THC.  A study released this week shows that heavy marijuana use may be tied to a drop in IQ.

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Consumption of Cocoa and Wine May Enhance Brain Function!

We have all heard that red wine and chocolate may have health benefits and today I am happy to report the rumors are true.  According to a study done by the American Heart Association, consumption of flavanols found in cocoa products, red wine, grapes and apples is linked to enhanced brain function. 

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Does Blood Type Influence Your Risk of Heart Disease?

A study done by the American Heart Association shows that blood type may influence risk of heart disease.

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Are Marathons Safe For Runners Over 50?

With each Spring and the beginning of running season comes the inevitable news: sudden cardiac death at the _____ marathon.  It seems to occur in nearly every major marathon across the United States.  So is marathon participation bad for your heart, especially in older participants?  Cardiologist Davinder Jassall says "no". 

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New Feature! Medical News Bites

As an NP it can be tough to keep up with the latest breaking medical news.  After work, maintaining relationships with family and friends and the daily tasks that come with life in general, there is little to no time to read the latest medical research articles.  Until now.  Today,

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