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Answering Your Patient's Questions About Ebola

As if the pictures of the deadly disease ominously referred to as hemorrhagic fever aren't enough, Ebola has made its way into the United States. For those of you living in a cave that haven't seen the headlines splashed across your TV screen, yes, the first case of the deadly virus has been diagnosed in the United States. Understandably, people are concerned. Will the virus spread?

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Does Gender Make the Nurse? A Look at Mursing

By MidlevelU Intern and Healthcare Administrator in Training Stephanie Bauer

Did you know that at one time only men were nurses, not women? Documentation dating back to 250 B.C. shows there was an established nursing school in India that was exclusively for, you guessed it, men. Women were not allowed to attend. At that time, it was believed women were not as pure as men. 

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Nurse Practitioners Forge Their Way in Japan

A close friend of mine recently returned from a two-week vacation in Japan. Hearing her stories of traveling in a country with a drastically different culture was amusing to say the least. Horse carpaccio and chicken sashimi (both raw), for example, frequently make their way onto restaurant menus in the country. While most American's dietary preferences would cause them to stray from these culinary aspects of Japanese culture, one thing is making the two countries more similar- nurse practitioners. 

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Nurses- That Nasty Break Room Fridge is Affecting Your Job Performance

The break room fridge in the emergency department where I work is hands-down disgusting. It is so gross that one nurse in our department's punishment for her teenage son who was caught smoking weed was to accompany her to work one day to clean said fridge. He has not lit a joint since. I won't even get started on the ED bathroom- my stomach can't handle it.

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Medications Direct to Your Doorstep- the Next Big Thing?

Over the past few months, I have noticed a prevalence of ads publicizing Viagra's home delivery service. The concept is genius. No more waiting in line in the middle of the grocery store where your next door neighbor could potentially be lurking, inadvertently witnessing you receive your bottle of little blue pills. An avid online shopper myself (I order everything online), I was curious about how Viagra's home delivery service works. Does a similar service exist for other medications? Is the service actually as user-friendly as it sounds?

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How Does America's Emergency Care Compare?

247 Americans visit the emergency department every minute across the United States totaling more than 130 million visits in 2010.  Right or wrong, the emergency department serves as the source of primary care for many and for others a necessary medical resource in times of need.  Given not only the sheer number of individuals who visit the emergency department each year, but also the importance of high quality emergent medical care, our ED's must work flawlessly.  Unfortunately, a new 2014 report card released by the American College of Emergency Physicians shows they don't.

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Is Your Profession Making You Fat?

While your waistline is ultimately a product of what you eat, your activity level and genetics, where you work has a significant impact on your weight.  Those who sit at a desk all day naturally have a harder time staying slim than those working construction.   Which professions are the fattest?

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What Do You Think About New Statin Guidelines?

In case you missed the hype, earlier this month the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology released new cholesterol treatment guidelines.  Under these new recommendations nearly 72 million Americans would be eligible for statin therapy.  This seems pretty steep.  New statin guidelines are so drastic that physicians, nurse practitioners and patients alike are calling their credibility into question.  What do you think about the new statin guidelines?  Are they appropriately stringent or unnecessarily placing millions of Americans on prescription medications?

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CDC, NIH Squeezed by Recent Government Shutdown- How Will Flu Season be Affected?

By Bright and Brainy MidlevelU Intern Melanie Chen

The government shutdown has slowed down federal health agencies.  Meanwhile, flu season is just beginning to ramp up while funding for flu vaccines and other diseases continues to drop.

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Providers in Florida Prescribe More Drugs than Providers in Colorado- Why?

Have you heard of The Dartmouth Atlas?  The Dartmouth Atlas is an intriguing report released out of Dartmouth College in order to improve health care.  The report analyzes health care spending and usage in different areas of the country picking up on regional trends.  Last week, The Dartmouth Atlas published an interesting report revealing that prescribing practices among medical providers are vastly different depending on where they practice.  Why?

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In Case You Missed It...U.S. Women Dying Younger Than Their Mothers

Did you catch my Fox News segment on why U.S. women are dying younger than their mothers?  This news study released by the Journal of the American Medical Association is pretty disturbing, especially for females.  While no one is quite sure why women are dying younger, there are a few logical deductions we can make.  

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The Challenge of Integrating Pharmacists Into Primary Healthcare Teams

Do you work closely with a pharmacist?  Recently, the emergency department where I work began placing a pharmacist in the ER.  I have to say, it has come in pretty handy.  Not sure which antibiotic is best for treating a UTI in a patient with renal failure?  Simply spin around in your swivel chair and ask an experienced pharmacist on the spot.  Easy access to a pharmacist is quite a luxury.

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