12 Days of Holiday Giveaways! Day 8: Becoming a Nurse Practitioner eCourse

Have you ever had a conversation over test message that really should have taken place in person?  These conversations never go well.  In text, sarcasm may be taken for sincerity leading to some awkward circumstances.  I never know how to take the word "right" over text, for example.  Do you mean "right" as in "You're correct" or "right" as in "Yeah, right".  The future of our relationship may depend on this distinction.

Sometimes, I feel like my message is lost in translation through blogging as well.  While a written blog post gives time for editing and a clarity that can be lost in conversation, it doesn't seem as personal.  I wish readers could read my expressions in person as they share their frustrations, or at least get a visual of the face behind the answers to their questions.

My ideal solution to this problem would be to host a live, in person conference for practicing and aspiring nurse practitioners; to bring us all together to discuss and learn from the ups and downs of the NP career.  While I expect a live, in-person MidlevelU conference to happen in the future, a conference setting presents logistical challenges that I have yet to work through.  So, until then, I have come up with an fun alternative.

I'm excited to announce that in March, MidlevelU will begin offering online video courses through Udemy.  Aspiring nurse practitioners and nurse practitioner students will be able to learn about the process of becoming an NP from choosing a nurse practitioner program to studying for the national NP certification exam and finding that first job.  The course will address the most common concerns I hear from readers regarding NP programs, the NP education and the NP job search.  While MidlevelU courses won't be live, attendees have unlimited access to advice on the nurse practitioner education and career through e-mail.  

I truly believe the video platform will be helpful to students as they look to further their nursing education.  So, for today's giveaway, one lucky reader has the chance to win free access to MidlevelU's "Mastering the Path to Becoming a Nurse Practitioner" online course ($169 value).  Enter to win by e-mailing erin.tolbert@midlevelu.com with the reason you could use some help on your path to becoming a nurse practitioner.