12 Days of Holiday Giveaways! Day 3: Classico Lab Coat

Whew!  What a day.  Pulling a 12 hour shift is no joke.  No matter how many I work, my body never quite adjusts to spending so long on my feet.  I work a variety of shift lengths, most of which I don't think about twice.  But, my 12 hour day has a specific getting ready routine much like famous athletes who only race wearing the same pair of socks.

Before every 12 hour shift, I wake up at 4:45am hop in the shower until the hot water straight up runs out.  Then, I head directly to the coffee maker for a cup of joe.  While my coffee brews, I get to work making a killer, immune boosting, energy eliciting smoothie.  My smoothie is so nutritious it ends up being some sort of bright green shade, usually due the addition of spinach.

I leave the house on average 5 minutes late sucking down my super food smoothie as I drive.  I arrive at the hospital on time and re-heat my coffee in the break room before my arrival is noticed...30 seconds to decompress before the day begins.  I throw on my lab coat and walk calm, cool and collected to my desk.

You see, I have tried the no shower before work thing to get a little extra shut eye and it leaves me feeling grimy and gross for the rest of the day.  I have tried eating breakfast in the cafeteria to save time but hash browns and bacon make me want to go back to sleep.  Each piece of my routine has been tried and tested, essential for waking up on the right side of the bed and looking at least somewhat professional for my 6am arrival at the emergency department.

My lab coat is certainly an important piece to my professional appearance.  Though I don't wear my lab coat on every shift (overnights and weekends allow for a hoodie instead), my lab coat gives me an air of authority and confidence, conveying my position as a medical provider to the world.  

Today, I'm happy to announce we have a holiday giveaway from Classico, maker if designer lab coats.  These lab coats are not your typical order, they look sleek.  While I could go on about Classico's products, the company eloquently explains the need for a put together appearance themselves:

"In the midst of the most significant overhaul to the healthcare industry in half-century, nurse practitioners and physician assistants must confront a radically different marketplace.  And, as the federal government, individual states and private exchanges vie for members, medical professionals must ask and answer a critical question: How do we, individually or collectively, best represent ourselves to current and potential patients?  Or, put a slightly different way: What is the one thing, which will make the most immediate impression, and have the greatest impact (relative to cost) upon the people who enter our respective offices?  Answer: Your appearance.

If NPs and PA's invest in themselves, if they transform their profession's most recognizable and iconic article of clothing- the white lab coat, the symbol of prestige and credibility- then they exude the confidence they possess and provide the peace of mind every patient needs."

I bet you've never thought that deeply about your work wardrobe before!  Classico lab coats are top notch and they have the price point to prove it.  But today, one lucky reader has the chance to win the Classico lab coat of their choice.

Enter to win today's giveaway by e-mailing erin.tolbert@midlevelu.com with the reason your lab coat could use an upgrade by December 14, 2013.   If you are ordering a Classico lab coat, say you heard about Classico on MidlevelU for a 10% discount December 16, 2013-December 22, 2013.