12 Days of Holiday Giveaways! Day 10: Bluebeard Studio Tee

Have you caught on to the "Keep Calm" craze?  Last night working in the ER I had a few "Keep Calm" moments myself.  It seems like patients often come in with what they think is the absolute worst injury ever known to humankind.  Then, I peel back their makeshift bandage to reveal a paper cut.

Never fear dear patient...I know what to do in this situation.  Someone get me a band aid- STAT!.  Last night I even had a patient ask for something other than a band aid so she wouldn't seem like a wimp for coming to the ER with such a small cut.  No stitches required, needless to say.

While most of my "Keep Calm" moments occur in the sarcastic sense, there are days when some serious stuff goes down at work.  I love watching the doctors, nurses, NPs and PAs I work with kick into gear when a patient with a severe illness or injury arrives in the emergency department.  Everyone knows their role.  We stop joking and get serious.  Everyone works together seamlessly, reaching the best possible outcome.  It's these days when "keeping calm" is essential.  As nurses and nurse practitioners we must remain even keeled, using our judgement over emotion and it's not always easy. 

Today, one lucky reader has the chance to win this super soft, super cute "Keep Calm I'm a Nurse" long sleeved tee from Bluebeard Studio on Etsy.  To win, e-mail erin.tolbert@midlevelu.com with your best "Keep Calm" moment.

Have a wonderful weekend!