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Can Your Employer Make You Get a Flu Shot?

Throughout the months of October through February, nurse practitioners spend much of their shift treating countless numbers of influenza cases, as patients flock to the clinic in the hopes that there’s still an opportunity to lessen their misery with an antiviral prescription. 

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4 Reasons You'll See More Guys in Nursing This Year

Last week, the New York Times published an interesting piece on nursing, 'Forget About the Stigma: Male Nurses Explain Why Nursing Is a Job of the Future for Men'. As a nurse practitioner I work with plenty of dudes and am well aware of the advantages of nursing and advanced practice professions, but I was intrigued by the NY Times' take on the matter. The article dove deeper than most and explored a few key reasons nursing can expect an influx of testosterone in the near future. 

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3 Stats that Show NPs are Changing the Primary Care Workforce

I got off on a tangent somehow this morning. In the midst of preparing for a continuing education presentation, my Googling got off track and click, click, click, I landed on an article totally off the topic of ‘prescribing considerations in primary care’. The New England Journal of Medicine’s Rethinking the Primary Care Workforce - An Expanded Role for Nurses shared some compelling statistics about the future of healthcare delivery in our country. Since these stats were interesting enough to divert my attention this morning, I felt compelled to share them. 

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New Study Gives Props to NP and PA Professions

As a seasoned nurse practitioner, I'm pretty confident in my own abilities and in those of my NP and PA colleagues. Yes, there are some big educational differences between nurse practitioners, physician assistants and physicians, however in practice each of these types of professionals is highly effective in the clinical setting. Regardless, a constant friction between professional groups, particularly those for nurse practitioners and physicians, about the legitimacy of advanced practice professions wears on. 

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What Is MACRA, Anyway?

Just when you though reimbursement couldn't get more complicated...

Most of us as nurse practitioners don't entirely understand how we're paid. Sure, our employer cuts us a check once or twice a month. But, what I'm talking about here isn't wages, rather reimbursement. Our employers must seek reimbursement by Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance companies for the services we render as NPs. 

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On the Ballot: Healthcare at the Polls 2016

Did you watch last night's presidential debate? I missed most of the spectacle as I was working in the emergency department, but I was able to catch a few snippets here and there. Not only do we all have a civic duty to vote this upcoming November,as nurse practitioners, we have an added stake in the political game. Our careers are significantly affected by political decisions, directly or indirectly, so it's important to know where candidates stand when it comes to healthcare. This election season, there's the choice of president to consider, along with a few important state initiatives on the ballot. What do you as a nurse practitioner need to know as you cast your vote?

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The Nurse Practitioner's Guide to Zika in the U.S.

Now that the Zika virus has reared its ugly head here in the United States with cases of local transmission reported in Florida, nurse practitioners must be even more aware of how to treat patients with possible exposure to the virus. This is especially important for NPs caring for pregnant women, and women of childbearing age, as the virus can have devastating effects in pregnancy. What are the latest guidelines in patient care now that Zika transmission has occurred on U.S. soil?

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Oxycontin’s 12-Hour Problem: What NPs Need to Know about Prescribing

The L.A. Times Investigation 

By Healthcare Attorney Alex Scarbrough Fisher

Earlier this summer, the L.A. Times reported on its investigation into Oxycontin, and the results aren’t pretty: the Times found that Oxycontin’s main selling point, that it lasts for 12 hours, is not supported by clinical research. 

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The Battle Heats Up Over NP Scope of Practice at the VA

It's no secret that the Veteran's Health Administration has taken some heat lately. In 2014, major problems within the organization's healthcare system were exposed, as United States Armed Forces vets died while waiting for care at a Phoenix, AZ facility. Criticism of healthcare facilities for veterans extended nationwide, leaving administrators scrambling for solutions to the widespread problem. 

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What Would Colorado's Proposed Health System Mean for NPs?

In my last post, I discussed Amendment 69, legislation proposed to bring universal healthcare to Colorado residents. If approved in the November election, the amendment would make Colorado the first state with a single-payer healthcare system. Politicians in Colorado have varied opinions on the amendment, and spirited debate surrounds its presence on the ballot. Not only are politicians talking pros and cons of single-payer systems, healthcare providers also stand to be significantly impacted with the passing of proposed legislation. What could a single-payer system mean for Colorado's nurse practitioners?

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An Interesting Turn of Events for Healthcare in Colorado

While the November election this year has the media talking Trump, Sanders, and Clinton, there's a lesser known issue on the ballot in one state. Colorado's Amendment 69 proposes a statewide, single-payer healthcare system for the Rocky Mountain State. Should the amendment pass, the healthcare system in Colorado will see massive, widespread changes to healthcare delivery. The vote stands not only to affect nurse practitioners practicing in Colorado, but also those working in neighboring states, or states whose governments may follow suit. 

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'Dear Abby' Disses Physician Assistants

The 'Dear Abby' column is well known and loved for dishing out matronly advice on issues from household problems to relationship strife. Columns like "Neighbor's Baby Cries Constantly", and "Old Friend's Schedule Leaves No Time to Catch Up" are bound to stir up a few sensitive souls, but are overall neutral in tone. This week, however, 'Abby' has stepped on the toes of one sector of the healthcare community and is feeling the aftereffects of her comments about physician assistants. 

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