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The RVU: Who, When, Why and How?

Do you really understand how you're paid? As nurse practitioners, many of us are paid based on productivity, essentially the revenue we bring in to our practice. Such compensation structures are based on the RVU, or relative value unit. Those of us paid on productivity compensation models have a basic understanding of how this system works. At the most basic level, Medicare and other payers reimburse medical providers for the services they provide based on a given numerical value assigned to each service type. 

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Interview With an Oncology Nurse Practitioner

One of my best friends, college roommate and fellow nurse practitioner, Jennifer, enjoys a thriving career as an oncology NP. With eight years of experience as an oncology nurse practitioner she has worked with numerous cancer patients and held some pretty interesting jobs. For those of you considering a career as an oncology nurse practitioner or who are simply interested in the nurse practitioner profession as a whole, she has agreed to help us learn more by answering a few questions about her own experiences.

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Now, What Meds Are You Taking Again? Pill Identification Apps

By MidlevelU Intern and BSN in Progress Olivia DeFilippo

Countless times I have peered into my medicine cabinet in search of my allergy medication finding pills that have fallen out of the packaging. "I think that tablet looks like my allergy medicine" I say to myself..."But should I risk it?".

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7 Ways to Class Up Your Nurse Practitioner Resume

A resume is simply a summary of your education and employment experience, so it should be pretty easy to pull together, right? While it seems simple, I've seen a lot of unfortunate looking nurse practitioner resumes out there. Studies show that prospective employers spend just seconds scanning a resume before making a decision to move to the next step in the employment process. So, attention to detail is a must when you're applying for nurse practitioner jobs. One small resume misstep could cost you a job interview. 

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7 Reputation-Defying Reasons for Hiring Millenial NPs

Millennials tend to be scrutinized pretty harshly by the older generations, often being labeled as lazy and entitled among other criticisms. Unfortunately such stereotypes have created a misplaced fear for employers who worry that hiring a millennial nurse practitioner will negatively affect the company’s culture. While the generation’s style of working is certainly different than that of baby boomers, millennial NPs do bring a unique set of qualities that not only make them a valuable asset to the team but essential to the future of healthcare.

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How Much Does it Cost Your Employer When You Quit?

When you quit your last job, did you think about the implications the move had for your employer? When I departed from my previous nurse practitioner positions, I was ready to leave, STAT. I had held onto the jobs about as long as I could handle, and upon securing new employment could not wait to get out the door. Looking back, my attitude could have been better. And, I should have looked at the transition with a broader perspective. 

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Life for Nurse Practitioners in Guam Just Got Even Better

If Surf, Sand and Sun Wasn't Enough...

As a nurse practitioner, I've long fantasized about taking my career somewhere warm and sunny, or just plain different. NPs enjoy the flexibility to practice all over our country and its territories. Some of these locations prove much friendlier than others when it comes to the logistics of employment. Guam has just joined the group of locations that rank most favorable for NPs. 

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7 Morning Habits to Start Your NP Day Off Right

Do you start your day by hitting the snooze, reluctantly rolling out of bed at the last minute, rushing to get ready, and dashing out of the door feeling frazzled and unkempt? Chances are that if this is your NP life, the rest of your day seeing patients probably goes pretty similarly. How you start your morning sets the precedence for your day ahead. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a morning person in order to start your day working as a nurse practitioner off right. Here are seven morning habits for a successful day ahead.

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Can Nurse Practitioners Text Patient Care Orders?

Have you ever texted about a patient? In the emergency department where I work, texting can be an easy way to consult with a specialist or send an image of a patient's X-ray, lab results or even chief complaint. But, is this legal? What are the implications of texting about patient care?

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Washington's Teeth and Lincoln's 'Melancholia': Health Problems of U.S. Presidents

The public image of (most of) our nation's leaders is so skillfully upheld that we often think them immune to common medical issues. Did you ever seen Obama smoke in public? Or deliver a televised speech with a nasally voice while suffering from the common cold? I didn't. It turns out that many of our country's leaders have endured some serious health scares, often in secret.

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This Nurse Practitioner Turned Her Love of Travel Into a Business

When she first began her career as a family nurse practitioner, Dr. Nancy Dirubbo’s initial goal was not to own her own practice. Now nearly four decades later, she finds herself having owned three successful businesses as an NP entrepreneur, her first of which is now one of the oldest nurse practitioner owned and operated primary care practices in the United States. 

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6 Fun Supplies for NPs Who Spend Too Much Time in the Kitchen

Does anyone else feel like they spend the majority of their time at work or in the kitchen? Between brewing my morning cup-a-Joe, cramming down a quick breakfast, prepping a lunch, whipping up dinner and washing dishes, I've grown to feel like the kitchen is one of my primary locales these days. Now this isn't a problem, I'm actually really fond of cooking and especially fond of eating, but it does mean that I like to keep the place clean and well stocked. 

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