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Can You Afford to Start Your Own Practice?

Last year, we did a series on nurse practitioner entrepreneurs here on MidlevelU. These NP's insights into business ownership and the stories of how they started their own practices were very enlightening. In talking with NP entrepreneurs, one common thread wove through many of their stories. Finances. 

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6 Primary Care Podcasts for Nurse Practitioners On-the-Go

How do you use your downtime? As a nurse practitioner, even with ten years of experience, I often feel that I still have so much to learn. One of the great (but challenging) things about the medical profession is that healthcare is constantly evolving and changing. To help keep up to date with the latest in clinical practice, I often turn to podcasts. These audio education series are the perfect way to put downtime in the car to use and pay off in my practice. 

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3 Dermatology Certifications for Nurse Practitioners

NP degrees are awarded for broad specialties, but for nurse practitioners with focused interests, seeking specialty certification outside of academia can be a beneficial career move. This not only demonstrates a commitment to your specialty but also show patients and prospective employers that you have achieved a certain skill set or level of knowledge. Earlier, we looked at cardiology certifications for NPs. Today, we will tackle derm. 

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Which States Have the Fewest Nurse Practitioners?

Last week we talked states with the highest concentration of nurse practitioners. This week, let's look at states with the lowest concentration of NPs. While the concentration of nurse practitioners in a given area may not be the most important metric to follow, it can be a sign of certain trends like the job market. States where NPs are fewer may have a grater need for individuals working in the profession and therefore more job opportunities and higher wages to name one significance. 

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Do Employers Look at Your GPA for a Nurse Practitioner Job?

If you're a nurse practitioner student this year, finals season is probably looming on the horizon. The pressure to study is mounting and anxiety-filled review sessions are imminent. But, will all the stress really matter once you've graduated and are looking for your first nurse practitioner job? How much do employers really care about your grades?

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Is it Quality v. Quantity: What Should I Expect in a NP Contract?

By Jennifer Lankford, Labor and Employment Attorney

“Is it usual for my contract to be this short?”, “Are employment agreements normally this long?” I receive these types of questions often from nurse practitioners who are presented with an employment agreement. My answer, “It is the quality, not the quantity, of the agreement that matters.” Sometimes a short and sweet agreement is all that is needed. 

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Which States Have the Most Nurse Practitioners?

Looking at the concentration of nurse practitioners in a given state probably isn't the most important stat when it comes to the profession. But, it is a point of interest. The job market for nurse practitioners, for example, can be largely dependent on the number of NPs in the area. Salaries, in turn, rise and fall with demand. These are interesting trends to follow. 

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Which States Allow Nurse Practitioners to Prescribe Suboxone?

Nurse practitioners are newly allowed to prescribe buprenorphine (Suboxone) as part of the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act signed into law by former President Obama. While the Act augments nurse practitioners' scope of practice from a federal standpoint, some states are more limiting in the freedoms they allow NPs. In which states can nurse practitioners actually prescribe Suboxone?

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How Do NP and PA Salaries Compare?

A state-by-state snapshot

Nurse practitioners and physician assistants perform very similar, if not identical, roles in most states. In fact, in the emergency department where I work, NPs and PAs are hired interchangeably. While this is true in many geographic areas, in certain instances state law, Medicaid guidelines, and/or the job market lead to wage disparities between nurse practitioners and physician assistants. NPs might be paid more than PAs and vice versa. How do the salaries for these individuals compare in your area?

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Do Review Courses Actually Help You Prepare for the NP Certification Exam?

If your nurse practitioner program is wrapping up this spring or summer, you're probably (at least you should be) starting to think about your study strategy for the NP certification exam. How much and for how long will you study? When can you fit study sessions in between work and classes? Will you purchase review books? Practice tests? Or, is attending an in-person review session in order?

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Nurse Practitioner Residency Application Deadline Approaching!

Have you thought about next steps following your nurse practitioner school graduation this spring? Or, maybe you finished your NP program this spring and are still trying to figure out what your first move as a newly minted nurse practitioner will be? If you've already graduated, or are graduating from a nurse practitioner program in 2019, a residency or fellowship is a great way to build a clinical foundation for the rest of your career. 

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Free eBook! Licensing Guide for New Grad NPs

As we round the corner to graduation season, we've got new grad NPs on the brain here at MidlevelU HQ. One thing we hear a lot from readers is that the licensing process can be pretty difficult to navigate for new graduate nurse practitioners. It seems like every time you turn the corner there's more paperwork to fill out or a different designation to apply for. Having been through the NP licensing process myself I understand where you're coming from. 

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