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The First Step to Appropriate Pain Management

I have to admit that I kind of hate talking about pain management. Pain is one of those things that your patients can't show you visibly (at least most of the time). It doesn't show up in lab results. Treatment of pain is based on subjective report. So, as a nurse practitioner it can be difficult for me to make decisions about managing pain for my patients. Then, toss into the mix that our nation is facing an opioid crisis, the fact that I've been duped a few times into writing narcotic prescriptions for addicts and I'm not sure what to do next or where to draw the line. 

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New Series! Approaching Pain Management

From pharmacology to putting your foot down

Raise you hand if you struggle with setting boundaries in treating pain for your patients. Pain management is a huge topic these days for nurse practitioners and physician assistants. As one who has personally broken ribs in the past and felt the relief a Lortab provides and as one who suffered from a nasty case of influenza as a child and was comforted by codeine-containing cough syrup, I understand that opioids have a valid place in medicine. But, as a nurse practitioner practicing amidst an opioid crisis, I also feel immense pressure to stray from prescribing these drugs. 

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Volunteering? Medical Missions Organizations to Consider

Participating in a medical mission trip as a nurse practitioner or physician assistant is much more than an opportunity to boost your resume. Done right, medical mission trips play a key role in strengthening societies and bridging the gaps in socioeconomic divides. Whether it’s with a big name organization or aboard a floating hospital ship, medical volunteerism is an excellent way to make a difference in the lives of the individuals it serves, bringing healthcare to impoverished nations who wouldn’t otherwise receive medical care. 

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Can You Afford to Start Your Own Practice?

Earlier this year, we did a series on nurse practitioner entrepreneurs here on MidlevelU. These NP's insights into business ownership and the stories of how they started their own practices were very enlightening. In talking with NP entrepreneurs, one common thread wove through many of their stories. Finances. 

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The Next Frontier for NPs & PAs: Specialty Practice Models

Nashville, TN where I live and work is a healthcare hub. With a number of large national healthcare corporations in the city along with several major hospitals, there's an interesting mix of business + medical practice. It's always interesting to be exposed to the larger business side of the healthcare community rather than just the patient-facing side I see in my day to day practice as a nurse practitioner. 

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Physician Assistants Earn the Most in These Cities

Salary is naturally a consideration for physician assistants deciding where to put down roots. Some geographic locations boast significantly higher salaries than others. Whether as a result of scope of practice regulations, a supply and demand mismatch, or a local preference for physician assistants over other healthcare professionals, some cities pay physician assistants top salaries.

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A Blogger's Tip Takes Down Silicon Valley Healthcare All-Star

There's never a dull moment in the healthcare world. While our lives as NPs and PAs may seem pretty routine, the industry we've chosen to work in is always changing. My husband also works in healthcare on the business side of things so in our household we like to keep track of the latest and greatest in the industry. One shining star we once followed has recently become more like a black hole. 

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10 Highest Paying Cities for Nurse Practitioners

Each year the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics collects salary information for various professions and in the spring publishes data for the prior year. And, the stats are out for NPs in 2017! Salary is always an interesting topic of discussion so over the next few weeks on MidlevelU, you can expect some insight on compensation for nurse practitioners around the country. Today we're looking at the cities where nurse practitioners can expect to earn the most. 

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5 Inspiring NPs Who Started Their Own Clinics

Do you have an entrepreneurial bent? If starting your own practice is a career aspiration, the best place to begin your endeavor is by talking to other nurse practitioners who've done the same. I have spoken with a number of NP practice owners who've shared their stories here on MidlevelU. 

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Canada Invests in Nurse Practitioner Growth

We've covered nurse practitioners in Canada here on MidlevelU in the past. NPs aren't prevalent in our neighboring country up north, however the profession is gaining some traction thanks to a recent budget passed in British Columbia. Health Minister Adrian Dix announced yesterday that the province will fund 200 new positions for nurse practitioners to help increase access to healthcare for British Columbians. 

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Which Patients Actually Need Preventative Low Dose Aspirin?

The answer, simplified.

Keeping up with preventative care guidelines can be pretty confusing. It seems like every professional society related to each specialty publishes their own recommendations. From kidney and liver disease prevention to cardiac and osteoporosis screenings, where do you even begin? One particular preventative measure often recommended by nurse practitioners, taking low dose aspirin to prevent cardiovascular disease, is particularly nebulous. 

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8 Swoon-Worthy CE Conferences for Summer

The promise of summer has a way of carrying you away with thoughts of lounging in a hammock, the sand beneath your toes and a salty breeze blowing through your hair, or perhaps to the mountains where you can finally enjoy the beautiful, serene weather and fresh air without freezing to death. Unlike your days of adolescence however, your responsibilities as an adult don’t stop just because the season have changed. While you may be dreaming of an exciting summer getaway, there are still patients to be seen, bills to be paid, errands to be run and childcare to worry over. On top of everything else, you still have to set aside some time to do your continuing education hours before it’s too late.

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