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5 Foolproof Steps to Enjoying Your Nurse Practitioner Career

My first year as a nurse practitioner, I had some doubts about my career path. Anxious about the skills I needed to acquire to excel on the job, lacking confidence as a new graduate, and frustrated with my employer, there were a lot of factors causing me to question my decision to become an NP. Was this really the right job and ultimately career trajectory for me?

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Choosing a Stethoscope: A How To Guide

Earlier, I mentioned I'm in the market for a new stethoscope. Mine isn't broken, it works perfectly well, but it's just time. I've had my stethoscope for at least eight years now and, just like with my wardrobe, every so often I could use a change. But, there are so many stethoscopes on the market at so many price ranges, where do I start my search?

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DIY Halloween Decor for the Hospital Floor

From mandatory family photo ops at the pumpkin patch to pumpkin succulent planters, it seems as though there’s a new decorating trend for Halloween every year that circulates our newsfeeds. When it comes to Halloween decor, there are really no limits to how creative you can get. While you can’t necessarily go too crazy with decorating on the floors of your hospital as you would your home, there are still some fun and easy ways you can liven up the place for October 31st. 

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What's Up with Continuing Education in Nashville?

Get the scoop on our newest CE offering

Can you believe it's already October? As 2017 winds down and we head toward the holiday season, we're doing some serious planning for the upcoming year here at MidlevelU. We've been working particularly hard to line up our first ever live continuing education conference for nurse practitioners and physician assistants here in our hometown of Nashville, TN. We can't wait for you to see what's in store as we welcome MidlevelU readers to Nashville to meet in person!

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6 Healthcare Halloween Costume Ideas for NPs

Spooked about what you'll wear this October 31st? Choosing a Halloween costume can be somewhat of a stressful chore, especially for busy nurse practitioners. But if you received an invitation to a fun party after-hours or your practice has decided collectively to dress up on the day of, you definitely don’t want to be the odd-NP out. Showing up for a Halloween party without a costume can get awkward, fast. If you’re fresh out of ideas and need a creative outfit ASAP, check out these six costume ideas for nurse practitioners.

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Pretty in Pink: Scrub Tops for Breast Cancer Awareness

Could your scrub game use some variety? October is the perfect time to have a little fun with work wear if you're a nurse practitioner. Not only is it time to pull out those fall and winter scrub picks you've got stashed away in the back of your closet, it's an excuse to add some pizazz to everyday duds. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, go pink to support the cause. Whether you're into solids and basics, making a statement, or all-over graphics, we've selected our scrub top awareness faves for NPs. 

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4 Pink Stethoscopes for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Looking around, there's a lot of orange and black on display for Halloween, but another color is also making an appearance - pink! Yes, it's that time of year again; October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Not only can you as a nurse practitioner support the cause by attending an community event like a 5K for the cure, you can raise awareness in your practice. 

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Best Clothing Subscriptions for Style Savvy NPs

My household project for the week (OK, the month...) has been cleaning out my closet. We've been doing a mini reno at our house which has called for the relocation of my wardrobe so it seems like the perfect time to pare down and give away items I promise myself I will wear but that never seem to actually make the cut when I'm getting ready for the day. As I've sorted through my style-related belongings, I've also realized I could use a wardrobe refresher - particularly when it comes to my professional dress. 

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Secrets to Choosing an NP Job You Won't Get Tired Of

When I tell people I work as a nurse practitioner in the emergency department, the reaction is often something along the lines of "I bet that's exciting!". While I do love my job, the truth is that working even in the emergency setting does lend itself to a routine. The novelty of the ED wears off, there is a pattern even to the kinds of emergencies an NP can expect to encounter in the department. Nurse practitioners enjoy careers packed with variety and opportunity, but like other professionals are subject to the "more of the same" mentality. So, how do you choose a job you won't get tired of?

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How Life Coaching Helped Reset My Nurse Practitioner Career

By Guest Contributor Leondria Taty, MSN, FNP-C

A few years ago I hit a pretty rough patch in my Nurse Practitioner career. Being neither a new graduate nor a seasoned practitioner, I was having a hard time finding my seat at the table. My idyllic view of what it meant to be a NP was starting to get overshadowed by doubt regarding myself and the profession. These feelings progressively pulled me in a downward spiral of self-sabotaging beliefs. It was an awkward and frustrating space for me.

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Do You Give Your Family and Friends Medical Advice?

My father is a physician, so I was used to family and friends constantly calling our home asking a health question or two. As a kid, I enjoyed the benefits of having a parent in healthcare. I rarely went to my pediatrician, and rather was diagnosed with a viral illness here and there from the comfort of our living room sofa. Over the counter medications along with a prescription or two, were stockpiled in our cabinets. I was even taken in the back entrance of the hospital for an off-the-record X-ray or two after sports related injuries. 

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Should You Ditch Your Full-Time NP Job for Freelancing?

In my first years as a nurse practitioner I worked more than full-time. I picked up extra shifts and took on PRN positions in addition to a full-time job. I busted my booty to save money to buy a house, a much needed vehicle upgrade, and overall establish myself as a working adult in a successful career. Then, in 2012, I founded MidlevelU which became my side-gig. Five years later and counting, the day-in and day-out operations of MidlevelU have become a more than full-time commitment and I have adjusted my schedule working as a nurse practitioner in the emergency department accordingly. I maintain PRN positions with a few local hospitals and work seeing patients one or two days a week. 

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