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Did You Miss the Live MMU Info Session?

Watch the recording to learn more about this residency-like program for NPs and PAs

If you missed yesterday's live Midlevels for the Medically Underserved info session, no problem. We're posting a video of the meeting so you don't miss out on learning more about this learning experience of a lifetime for new nurse practitioners. 

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The Rules for Delivering Bad News to Patients

I've talked to some colleagues recently who've been a little down about their roles as nurse practitioners. Working in family practice, they have found themselves in the position of delivering bad or upsetting news to their patients. Cancer diagnoses were fortunately made rather than missed, but letting a patient know they've got a serious, life-altering illness or condition is tough, not to mention, this is not something most of us as NPs learn to do in school. 

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3 Things You'll Learn at 'What's Up with Primary Care Emergencies?!'

It's almost mid-November and with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I also get the feeling that the year is winding down. Once Thanksgiving week comes, the holiday season takes over and it's all I can do to squeeze in work, shopping, social engagements and all that comes with Christmas time. But, before holiday madness and distractions take over, I plan to get a few productive works weeks in and do some planning to get myself organized in preparation for 2018. 

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Essential NP Residency Info: Live MMU Q&A

Are you nervous about your first job after NP school? If you find yourself with a little anxiety about your upcoming nurse practitioner graduation, you're not alone. New NPs face a lot of challenges. Where will you find a job? Or, will you be able to find a job? Once you do land employment, will you have the support you need in your first position? There's a lot of learning to do as a new nurse practitioner and finding a position that's supportive of you in your inexperience is essential.

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The Myth of Health Coaching in Primary Care

I recently talked with a new grad nurse practitioner who shared some frustrations with me about her first NP job. As a family nurse practitioner, she envisioned herself talking with patients about their health status, counseling them about diet and exercise, and ultimately making an impact on her patient's overall health. Instead, she finds herself crunched for time, managing long medication lists, and ordering an endless string of labs. 

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3 Orthopedic Certifications that Help NPs Stand Out

I didn't quite finish up our series on certifications for nurse practitioners last week because it turns out there are a lot of ways for nurse practitioners working in specialty settings to stand out. Although NP degrees are pretty general in nature, there are certification and education options for nurse practitioners working or seeking to work in specialties that help NPs distinguish themselves in these settings. So, if you're a nurse practitioner with an interest or experience in orthopedics, check out these options to help establish yourself as a specialist. 

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Regulations for Attending an Online NP Program Out-Of-State

I have always assumed that students can attend a nurse practitioner program online in any state.  After all, the whole purpose of online education is to make courses flexible and easily accessible.  But, as I have done more and more research into online nurse practitioner programs, I have come across a few restrictions when it comes to attending an online NP program out-of-state.

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5 Oncology Certification Options for Nurse Practitioners

We're continuing the conversation here on the MidlevelU blog this week about certifications for nurse practitioners that don't require an additional degree. If you're an NP working in a specialty, achieving certification or specialty training can help you distinguish yourself as a provider with a specific skill set. So far this week we've touched on certifications for cardiology NPs and nurse practitioners working in dermatology. Today, we'll look at options for oncology nurse practitioners

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Unexpected Challenges of Working as a New Grad NP

This morning I was engaged in a discussion with one of our Midlevels for the Medically Underserved cohorts. This group of new grad nurse practitioners and physician assistants has been working in the primary care setting for about six months now so has a little practice experience under their belts. As we were talking, several themes emerged in the conversation. There were a number of challenges facing these novice NPs that they hadn't anticipated. 

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3 Dermatology Certifications for Nurse Practitioners

This week here at MidlevelU, we're talking specialty certifications for nurse practitioners. NP degrees are awarded for broad specialties, but for nurse practitioners with focused interests, seeking specialty certification outside of academia can be a beneficial career move. This not only demonstrates a commitment to your specialty but also show patients and prospective employers that you have achieved a certain skill set or level of knowledge. Yesterday, we looked at cardiology certifications for NPs. Today, we will tackle derm. 

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What's Up with Continuing Education in Nashville?

Get the scoop on our newest CE offering

Can you believe it's already October? As 2017 winds down and we head toward the holiday season, we're doing some serious planning for the upcoming year here at MidlevelU. We've been working particularly hard to line up our first ever live continuing education conference for nurse practitioners and physician assistants here in our hometown of Nashville, TN. We can't wait for you to see what's in store as we welcome MidlevelU readers to Nashville to meet in person!

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Cardiology Certifications for NPs That Don't Require Another Degree

...because you've been in school long enough

I received an excellent question from a nurse practitioner this weekend. This particular NP reached out about programs that allow nurse practitioners to receive specialty education or acknowledge specialty experience without returning to school for an additional degree. Most nurse practitioner programs offer broad education tracks rather than subspecialty education. So, NPs with focused interests are left to blaze their own trail toward further specialization. 

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