International Volunteer Opportunities Give a Glimpse into Healthcare

By MidlevelU Contributor and Future MD Ritika Jain

This summer, for two weeks, I got the chance to join an international volunteer service organization, Volunteers Around the World, on a medical clinic trip to the Dominican Republic. The trip was a glimpse into my future profession and a humbling learning experience. Here's a recap. 

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Medical News NPs Can Use 8.1.15

Yay for Saturday! Today marks the first day of our official family summer vacation at the lake. So, naturally, I kicked off my morning by having last night's dessert leftovers for breakfast along with my coffee. The air is crisp, just cool enough to require a cozy sweatshirt, and Lake Michigan's waves glittering in the sun. Ahhhh... What do you have planned for the week? If you've got a little downtime, check out this week's news NPs can use. 

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Here's Why Your Resume Keeps Getting Lost in Cyberspace

Do you ever wonder what happens to your resume after you submit it to an employer online? Who is in charge of reviewing applicants for nurse practitioner positions? What kinds of things are they looking for? Online job applications are perhaps one of the more frustrating advances in career related technology. They leave nurse practitioners applying for positions without receiving any feedback as to if someone has received their submission much less as to why their resume was pitched into the virtual paper shredder

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10 Highest Paying Cities for Nurse Practitioners

If making money is your M.O. as a nurse practitioner, you've got plenty of job options. While some areas of the country are notoriously low paying, others deliver big when it comes to NP salaries. So, if pay is a serious consideration in your job search (as it should be), consider these locations for your next career transition. 

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Study Hacks for Nurse Practitioner Students

It’s that time of year again…yes, 'Back to School' is here. I love the fresh start feeling of fall, even  though my life as a student is long gone. The nostalgia of newly sharpened pencils and a fresh outfit and book bag never seems to fade. Back to school season is not only a time to make a few new wardrobe picks, it’s also an opportunity to set yourself up for academic success. What can you do differently this year to help you succeed? What clinical and classroom challenges await?

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Everything You Need to Know About Nurse Practitioner Certification

Taking your nurse practitioner certification exam is the culmination of your NP education. Do you have what it takes to practice as an NP, or not? While the nurse practitioner certification process can be confusing and stressful to say the least, knowing what you're up against can give you an edge in the process. 

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The Ultimate Abscess I&D Tutorial

You know you're made for medicine when you see a bulging, fluctuant abscess and you just can't wait to stick an #11 blade in to release it's contents. In the early days of MidlevelU, I wrote about my I&D misadventure which sent a patient's pus flying into my hair. Talk about a bad day. Fortunately, my technique has improved and working in the emergency department has pretty much made me an abscess-draining pro. But, there's always room for a procedural refresher. 

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Does Working as a Nurse Practitioner Give You 'Death Anxiety'?

Seated over a candle-lit dinner on the beach in Aruba a few months ago, I admitted to my husband that I have a suspicion I may die in my 40's from some horrible accident or cancer diagnosis. I don't dwell on this, but feel acutely aware of it's possibility. My grandfather lived to be 103 so most people assume that I will be somewhere around 120 years old when I throw in the towel. But, my experiences in the emergency department (and my love for raw cookie dough and red wine...) leave me unconvinced at times. 

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My Inside Look into Life as a Residential School Nurse

By MidlevelU Contributor and Pre-Nursing Student Caitlin Webb

With summer vacation allowing myself for personal time to expand on my interest, I was given the opportunity to shadow a residential school nurse at a private school in the town over from mine. The school has a handful of day students from the area who attend school during the day and go home at night, but the main focus is the vast number of students who come from all over different parts of the world to receive an education in the small country town. This creates a very different atmosphere than one would experience in a public school that only serves the town which it is in as well as impacts the tasks that each job requires. 

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How Do You Set Goals as a Nurse Practitioner?

One of the positives and negatives of life as a nurse practitioner is that the job description pretty much stays the same if you let it. Most of us will spend our days diagnosing and treating patients for the next 20 years or so. A few of us will move on to administration or the business world. Or, we may switch specialties mixing up the type of patient care we provide. But, overall, the basics of delivering hands-on healthcare are pretty similar across the board. 

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How I Chose My Nurse Practitioner Program

By MidlevelU Contributor and New NP Student Shabnam Sabur

After years of watching a steamy Noah Wylie on the hit television show, ER, completing my senior year preceptorship in a level II trauma center, and working in a level III Emergency Department for the past year and a half I knew I wanted to become an Emergency Nurse Practitioner. I finally decided to take the plunge and applied to several different programs last fall before accepting a position at Emory University in Atlanta for their MSN ENP program.

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Understanding Your Patient's Cancer Diagnosis

In my dream career, I work for about two years in every medical specialty. Yes, even psych. And colorectal surgery. I want to know everything there is to know about medicine and disease and how to treat it. Forget about the saying "Jack of all trades, master of none", I want to be master of them all. Perhaps that is why I like the emergency department. While I'm certainly not highly specialized, I have the constant opportunity for continued learning in just about every area. 

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