A Crash Course on Love Languages + Nursing

By Justine Carmella, Nursing Student and MidlevelU Contributor

What makes you feel loved? Maybe it's a kiss from your dog, hearing someone say you're intelligent, a big bear hug, or when you come home to the dishwasher having been run. Everyone has their own ideas about what actions, behaviors, or words make them feel warm and fuzzy inside. Now buckle up for your crash course on love.

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Reentering the Nurse Practitioner Workforce in 8 Not-So-Easy Steps

I often talk to nurse practitioners who have taken a few years off from their NP careers. Most commonly, family priorities are the reason for the break from the workforce. Other times, a lengthy job search turned stagnant and led to a continuation of one's RN career. Whatever your reason for taking five from life as a nurse practitioner, it's not too late to reenter the NP workforce. Before you do so, careful planning is in order. These six steps should help. 

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Firsthand Advice for New Grad Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners

Last week, I had the chance to talk with Emily, a psychiatric nurse practitioner practicing in San Francisco, about her journey to becoming a psych NP. Emily’s enthusiasm for her new career was infectious as she shared the steps she took to landing her first job. I also had the chance to ask Emily about her first days on the job as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Overcoming new grad status is tough. And, I love, love, loved the advice Emily had for new grads regardless of specialty. Here’s a quick look at our conversation. 

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Weekend Wrap Up 4.22.16

Happy Friday! This has been quite a productive week over here at MidlevelU HQ. Interview season for Midlevels for the Medically Underserved applicants is in full swing, not to mention we released our first ever app this week. Phew! We hope you are loving the convenience of the MidlevelU app (don't forget to enter the scrubs giveaway) and look forward to your feedback. To wind down the work week, check out this week's latest medical news. 

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The Senioritis Care Plan for Nursing Students

By Ashley Prince, Nursing Student and MidlevelU Contributor

Spring has finally arrived! The weather is warming up, legs are getting shaved again, and graduation dates are fast approaching. Except for mine. And probably yours too, since many ABSN, PA, NP and other MSN programs work throughout the summer. This can be a huge bummer when everyone is finishing up finals, but our summers are going to be filled with 12 hour clinicals, preceptorships, NCLEX review courses, and zero time to work on that tan. 

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